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In our experience, businesses look at an alternative to a Jive intranet for a few different reasons – better integration with Office 365 and SharePoint, improved user experience when creating sites and pages and easier governance when managing how and where content is created and consumed. To add to this, Jive’s acquisition by little-known CRM provider, Aurea, has added uncertainty for the future of the product. If you’re looking for a Jive alternative, we’ve developed a migration roadmap from our experience moving large enterprises from Jive to Unily. We call this JUMP: The Jive to Unily Migration Platform. Keep reading for more on JUMP and how Unily differs to Jive.

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The difference between Jive and Unily? Jive alternatives for the enterprise.

Whereas Jive and Unily both offer social intranet platforms, Jive offers some challenges when it comes to user experience, governance and simplicity for users. Jive is built on somewhat proprietary web based technologies which makes it hard to build beautiful, dynamic sites that can be changed quickly by non-technical users. Unily on the other hand has been designed with simplicity in mind, providing a flexible grid platform for content editors to create rich sites and pages for departments, functions and information. Every page is designed with mobile users in mind, meaning no additional customization. This content management experience also makes the intranet much more suitable for a global intranet, enabling communication teams to lock down content creation to a certain set of individuals to ensure one version of the truth.

Jive also offers a wide collection of 3rd party connectors, but documents in SharePoint or Office 365 must be moved physically to the Jive platform in order to be searchable. Unily works differently, seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and Office 365 to allow documents from across your digital workplace to be discoverable within your intranet, no matter where they are stored.

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Unily differentiators. A unique offering in comparison to Jive-n.

Unily is a leading intranet product in the market, known for its commitment to great user experiences for every employee. When compared directly with Jive, Unily offers a more governable, enterprise-ready intranet platform that can bring a business together.

Unique Branding and Styling

Unily is the perfect representation of your brand with customized branding and styling options across every device.

Governed Content Creation

Unily's CMS makes content creation and publishing simple for a global audience, ensuring information is on-time and on the mark.

Improved Compliance

Ensure governance and compliance with permission groups synced with Azure Active Directory and mandatory read on content.

Better Mobile Access

Supporting every employee, Unily offers license options for head office and front-line staff and is designed with mobile at heart.

Social Networking Flexibility

Connect Unily with Yammer or utilize our home-grown social channel, Unily Social, giving you the flexibility you need.

Seamless Office 365 Connections

Seamlessly connect Unily to your Office 365 and SharePoint applications, with the ability to search across all locations using Unily’s global search.

Limitless Sites and Pages

Quickly create unique, unlimited site pages with an automatic multi-level navigation, using Unily’s page, grid and widget foundation.

Simple Global Communications

A simple content management system makes global communications simple, ensuring the latest and greatest information is clear and accessible.

Personalization and Targeting

Empower every employee through a single platform with targeting, localization and personalization capabilities across content and widgets.

How do we make the migration from Jive to Unily easy?

We call our migration roadmap JUMP: The Jive to Unily Migration Platform. This platform is made up of three main components - The Platform, The Partner, The Process. These three components come together to ensure that we approach any migration from both a technical and business perspective, resulting in maximum intranet uptake for the business. The JUMP Platform is based on Unily’s highly extensible content management system, hosted in Azure, that allows us to simply configure the underlying Unily content types and properties to support the Jive content types, so they migrate across easily. The next component of JUMP is our migration Partner ThreeWill. With ThreeWill, we use a set of tools to migrate content from Jive into three platforms: SharePoint, Yammer and Unily. The final stage of the JUMP program is the Process to support change management. This is designed to help the business get employees excited and engaged with the move to a new platform, which can be a significant undertaking.

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Where can I read a Jive migration success story?

Last year, one of America’s biggest and oldest companies reached out to BrightStarr and Unily with a problem. They were planning on bringing many more employees into the business, and their existing Jive intranet was going to be unsustainable and hard to govern. In parallel, the business was in the midst of a large migration to Office 365, and integrating new tools into their Jive intranet would be time-consuming, complex and expensive. Could BrightStarr’s Unily Hub product be the solution to this problem?

The answer was a resounding yes.

Find out how this 50,000 employee organization migrated hundreds of thousands of pieces of content from Jive to Unily.

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Our Clients. Intranet solutions for the enterprise.

We’ve worked with clients across all sectors and sizes, from UK based football clubs looking to improve internal communications to multi-lingual global enterprises who rely on Unily to be the central hub of digital activity for up to 120,000 users. Dive into our customer stories and videos to learn more about our clients and the unique ways they work with our flexible product.


Access to the right knowledge is business critical for Penspen employees, who provide customised engineering and project management services to the oil and gas industry to develop and rehabilitate energy assets across the entire project lifecycle. With a legacy intranet based on SharePoint 2010 unable to keep up with their requirements, they chose a Unily intranet for more flexibility, supporting a solid central platform for knowledge management.

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Everton FC

Supporting Everton's players on the ground is a 500 strong workforce who rely on internal cohesion to raise awareness of the brand and ensure success for the team. Everton use a Unily intranet to provide a centralized location for the latest club news and internal communications, enabling everyone from the team to interact and engage with the latest announcements through social networking.

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Everton FC

Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize relies on a business model of centralized decision making with information and instructions cascaded out to stores on a daily basis. Geographical diversity and a lack of desktops at the retail end can make communication harder than it needs to be. Watch our video as we go inside Monsoon's stunning London Headquarters as they chat about the impact Unily is having to break down communication siloes.

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Monsoon Accessorize

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