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Jive credits itself as the creator of the social intranet. However, a lot has changed since the platform was established in 2001, and for many businesses the software has not kept pace with the wider enterprise technology market. Since Jive's acquisition by customer experience provider Aurea in 2017, more enterprises are making the jump from Jive. Unily is intranet for the employee experience era, and with our dedicated migration process, upgrading your enterprise experience is simple. For a limited time, we're offering Jive contract buyouts + free migrations options in select regions, conditions apply.

Windstream intranet migration case study flat pages - migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

Windstream: Migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

Discover how Windstream migrated from their legacy platform to a new modern intranet in just 9 weeks.

Jump from Jive with free migration + contract buyout

You know your current Jive intranet isn't meeting your business' needs, but the thought of transitioning all your content onto another platform gives you nightmares. We hear this a lot, and that's why we've made the process as simple as possible so you can start reaping the benefits of a feature-full intranet experience without any complications. We want your business to benefit from the very best enterprise software, and we believe a Unily intranet is just that, so for a limited time only, we're offering free migrations services from Jive to Unily, plus free contract buyouts in select regions. Get in touch to learn how we can jump-start the next phase of your digital workplace journey.

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Easy to customize without costly consulting engagements

You want a platform that reflects the quality of your brand and is tailored to support your unique business needs. With Jive, customizing your platform can be both lengthy and costly. Even the smallest changes require the support of a specialist consulting service that ultimately hinders your ability to respond quickly to changing demands. In contrast, Unily offers a light-weight developer experience that lets you adapt your platform rapidly as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

To help you get the best out of your platform, every Unily subscription also comes with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is on-hand to support your team every step of the way. Whether you have a question, need some guidance or you're stuck with where to go next, our in-house experts are here to help you bring your vision to life.

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  • AIG
  • Cardinal Health
  • ELC
  • Shell
  • Baker Hughes
  • L'Oreal
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Canon
  • BD
  • EY
  • Comcast
  • CVS
  • J&J
  • Wacker
  • Best Buy
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  • AMEX

Superior social experience

Unily delivers an advanced social experience that empowers users to start conversations, forge connections and build internal communities that cross traditional workplace barriers. Many companies originally turned to Jive as a result of the social tools offered by the platform. Unily takes these features further, allowing greater flexibility in terms of integration and a more intuitive user interface that encourages greater and more creative use. With options to integrate with Yammer, Unily Social or external channels such as Chatter, you have the freedom to pick the social platform that best suits your business.

L'Oreal mobile social experience

Better integration with Microsoft services

Unily's integration capabilities are second to none and for many years we have been known for offering seamless integration with Office 365 and SharePoint. Like many other providers, Jive does offer integration with Microsoft products, but the experience tends to be clunky and for enterprises that are seeking a solution to drive consumption of Office 365 apps often find that it is not fit for purpose.

Integrating Office 365 tools into a Jive intranet is time consuming, complex, and ultimately expensive. In comparison, Unily's agile architecture drive lets you utilize all your Microsoft tools straight Out-of-the-Box, putting best-in-class technology at the fingertips of every employee.

Integration with Microsoft

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Intranet success relies on more than technology. With Unily, your guaranteed support from day 1 to day 100. Work with Onboarding, Customer Success and Support teams to devise a strategy that brings your unique vision to life. Find inspiration and talk directly to our community of superusers on Universe, our exclusive customer portal, or attend our yearly Unite conference to experience a digital workplace event like no other.


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