Easy intranet design examples to get you inspired

Design plays a crucial role in influencing intranet adoption and engagement. Specialized tools and critical updates are virtually meaningless if the layout of your digital workplace is non-intuitive and difficult to navigate. Luckily, an array of new Widgets, configuration options, page layouts, and additional features are at the ready to help stakeholders ensure their intranet maximizes employee engagement by providing the best user experience possible. In this blog, we highlight some new features leaders can turn to in order to optimize their digital workplace.

Take your digital workplace design to the next level

Instead of settling for a generic intranet, stakeholders should make use of the newest capabilities and use them to create a nuanced digital workplace that reflects their organization's unique employer brand and company values. After working with some of the biggest and best brands across the world, we have put together our favorite intranet page design examples that will inspire you to take your digital workplace design to the next level. 

Although each design is sophisticated, building visually-inviting pages does not have to be complex. Each of the sites below was created by dragging and dropping Widgets, boxes, rich text and images onto pages. The layout was defined by a basic grid, which has multiple Row configuration options. Each widget is simply configured by adding a title, choosing where the content should rollup from, designating the number of items to show, displaying a piece of Hero content, and more.

Whether you're creating business pages, collaboration sites, campaign-specific information, or launching a new content genre, the power of intranet design is in your hands. Below, we break down some features stakeholders can update in an hour or less, all of which have the potential to bring their enterprise's digital workplace up to speed in no time at all.

#1. The bread and butter

Every intranet needs a well-balanced template to form the basis of their business intranet pages. If you’ve got a lot of information, a 3-1 row configuration gives your content space to shine, while providing a neat side bar for your widgets and rollups. You can make these look even better by adding simple styling to create a clean white background behind your text.

Time to create: 30 minutes


#2. The campaign takeover

Launching a new global initiative or celebrating a particular success? Go bold by choosing a graphic banner with a clear call to action. Support your Hero content with Rollups of your choice, depending on the type of information you’d like to highlight. In this example, we’re focusing on the launch of Origin’s Charity Week. The graphic banner is supported with a latest news rollup surfacing recent updates based on the Charity Week topic, upcoming Events and a quick form to encourage people to volunteer to take part.

Time to create: 1 hour


#3. The information page

Even if you have a range of different types of content to share, clever use of page layout can ensure your information is easy to consume and understandable. Start with a graphic banner to bring it all together, then use a combination of widgets and boxes with simple configurations to highlight what’s important. Announcement tickers are a neat and easy way to keep your page dynamic, surfacing latest announcements as they get published.

Time to create: 25 minutes


#4. The people pleaser

The Audiences widget enables leaders to spotlight the people who matter most. Whether you're looking to highlight relevant team members permanently on a department page or reward a successful community through a Homepage takeover, intranets empower employee recognition. Audiences can be easily created within the CMS and users also have the ability to choose between dynamic or static. Dynamic audiences are created by querying profile information such as Role or Location, with the audience updated as new people are added. Static lists allow you to create more unique audiences by manually selecting who you'd like to be included.

Time to create: 35 minutes


#5. The entertainer

Your Unily intranet has the power to manage a range of media including high-resolution images, videos, and live-streams. Give everyone the opportunity to witness your campaign or event by live-streaming every moment to a dedicated page using the embed feature and supporting the content with other rich media. 

Time to create: 40 minutes


#6. The document lover

Some sections of your website, such as HR pages, may be filled with documents, including those that vary by region. Keep your intranet design clean using similar sized document rollups, divided by Tag, Author, SharePoint Site, SharePoint Folder or Unily Content Store, depending on your requirements. By including a secondary page navigation, you can organise documents further by providing separate pages for location-specific resources.

Time to create: 15 minutes


#7. The roadrunner

Pages are not only made up of pre-defined elements; you have the flexibility to embed a variety of different media onto the intranet. This could be Maps, Tweets, Live Streams, Documents and so much more. We’ve combined embedded maps with simple Boxes to create a landing page for every office location, with links to essential resources.

Time to create: 15 minutes


#8. The support centre

Intranet pages shouldn’t contain static information; instead, they should become the space where action takes place. Bring Social Channel Feeds from Yammer or Unily Social onto any page with ease, giving the Social Feed at least 2 Columns of space to maximize visual appeal. Compliment your Social Feed with other interactive Widgets, such as a PowerBI Dashboard to display key data, a form to allow for data input and a document rollup linking to key support resources.

Time to create: 30 minutes


#9. The signpost

Often some intranet pages act as a signpost to the wider digital workplace. Unily Sites provides an easy way to make these pages not only highly functional, but also great looking and easy to navigate. Make use of Unily’s Rich Text Editor functionality to let your brand shine, using simple HTML to create neat Cards that display different actions. If HTML isn't for you, opt to use Unily’s Boxes functionality instead!

Time to create: 40 minutes


#10. The color wheel

Boxes provide a quick and neat way to provide a URL to another piece of content, with a customizable colours and icons. In this example, we’ve used them to highlight the corporate colour palette, bringing the colours to life on the Brand Permission function page. By highlighting key contacts in the Marketing team and allowing users to request permission to use the brand directly on the page, this site becomes functional as well as fun.   

Time to create: 40 minutes


#11. The productivity pal

Sites can be a valuable tool to support specific business functions, such as Travel Booking. By designing a site which brings together every resource an employee needs to book travel correctly, you can streamline what would otherwise become a lengthy process. This site pulls together the Travel Team contacts, essential travel policies and a form to book directly via the site.

Time to create: 20 minutes


#12. The social centre

Communities should be able to flourish within an intranet, bringing people together from across the digital workplace. Why not try making a Channel Social Feed the focus of your page and supporting it with related Information, News, Resources, People and Documents. By creating a set Template, you’ll empower even more people from across the business to create a homepage for the Communities they care about.

Time to create: 30 minutes


#13. The home base

When thinking about your homepage, it pays to tailor it to each user as much as possible. The Smart Feed Widget and Trending Documents feature make customization easy by pulling back News that’s personalized to each user and documents which are recommended using Delve.

Time to create: 15 minutes


#14. The media centre

Every department can make use of intranet pages to truly make their content stand out. Take this Media Centre for example, owned by the Press Team, to share the latest news using the News Tile Widget, Media Documents and links to key resources using Boxes. The News Tile widget is an agile way to draw users to your most pressing updates, particularly because stakeholders are able to dynamically reformat tiles based on the quantity of items they would like to display.

Time to create: 20 minutes


Given the multitude of features and options available to optimize your digital workplace, it can be difficult for stakeholders to pinpoint where to start. If you're looking for some direction, consider honing in on your intranet's homepage first, as this highly visible destination is a critically important component of your intranet. In addition to graphics and fonts, homepages need to offer a glimpse into your company culture, without overwhelming the user with information that is not relevant to them. Creating an engaging homepage that is streamlined but informative is a careful balancing act, but it sets the tone for your entire digital workplace.


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5 best intranet designs to drive employee engagement

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Once you have your dream intranet in mind, make it a reality with the help of a one-on-one consultation with one of our digital workplace experts. If you are already a Unily customer, talk to your CSM today to discuss how you can use these features to design the best digital workplace imaginable.

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