How to use intranet homepage takeovers to spice up your enterprise communications

The employee attention span is a moving target. Rather than relying on the same old strategy, new tools and techniques provide a competitive advantage in the fight to keep employees engaged. With an intranet at the heart of your employee engagement strategy, discover how homepage takeovers can enhance internal communication campaigns and keep messaging fresh.

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Recalibrating comms strategies for the new world of work

Right now, every internal communicator must walk a fine line. After a year in which the volume of emails climbed by more than 100%, many employees are experiencing messaging fatigue. However, internal comms teams can’t slow down because internal communications will be crucial as organizations prepare for their next chapter.

As attention spans dwindle and stakes rise, what can internal communicators do to keep their audience engaged at such a critical time? With the pace of change accelerating, no team can afford to hit pause. Instead, communications teams must look to all the tools available to keep engagement high at a time when the volume of messages can seem overwhelming.

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7 steps to futureproof your internal communications strategy

As leaders reimagine their world of work, it is internal communications that will lead the way in aligning the workforce against this vision. Future corporate communication strategies will be decidedly inclusive, agile, and digitalized. To succeed in this new era, internal communications teams will move towards an omnichannel approach that brings the consumer experience into the workplace.

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Making messages more creative with digital technology

The only way to engage employees in the new world of work is by crafting creative messages that parallel what your audience sees as consumers. From mobile’s rise to surpass desktop usage to the popularity of bite-sized videos, there are several content trends in consumer media that will shape what employees are looking for in their internal messaging.

While your audience may have higher expectations, internal communicators also have more tools and channels at their fingertips than ever before. With a modern intranet operating as the defined hub for enterprise communications, how can internal communicators leverage the most crucial digital real-estate to enhance communications campaigns? Homepage takeovers set the tone for messaging from the moment a user navigates to the site. 


Creating consumer grade internal communications

Sunshine, canine companions and a last-minute Uber dash all feature in the third installment of the Unily podcast. Paul Seda welcomes Unily’s Kaitlin Auriemma, Matthew Boyd, and podcast newcomer Casey Farr to discuss how enterprises can create internal comms that live up to consumer expectations.

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Homepage takeovers to inspire your strategy

When a user logs onto your intranet software and sees a new design or a different color scheme, it sends an instant signal that something exciting is about to happen. Consequently, homepage takeovers can serve as the ideal medium for building buzz around a new initiative, getting team members excited about a cause, or even celebrating a holiday.

Here at Unily, our community has leveraged homepage takeovers to promote everything from employee safety to celebrating Pride Month. If you’re looking to add some creativity to your messaging strategy with a homepage takeover, check out some of our favorite examples for inspiration.

#1. Celebrating May the Fourth

As one of the largest event venues in the Southern Hemisphere, community is part of ICC Sydney’s DNA. In addition to bringing people together in their 8k seat theater, the enterprise leverages their intranet, Buddy, to unite employees.

To keep their community engaged and add a fun flair to their messaging, ICC Sydney recently launched a homepage takeover for May the Fourth, a commemorative day to celebrate the Star Wars franchise. The ICC Sydney team added Star Wars colors and even included Baby Yoda for a festive touch.

ICC Pride Takeover

#2. Promoting employee safety

How can you make sure employees take wellbeing initiatives seriously? Take a cue from Terracon, a consulting engineering firm specializing in environmental and geotechnical services, by launching a homepage takeover for your cause.

To keep Safety Week on every employee’s radar, the enterprise debuted a new homepage look for the occasion. Content about employee wellbeing and best practices for safety were also added, giving users detailed information on what they can do to continue feeling their best.

Terracon fourth july homepage on a laptop

#3. Recognizing Pride Month

If you’re looking to celebrate Pride Month but aren’t sure where to start, a homepage takeover can be an ideal option. Show your support, demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity, and add a burst of color with rainbow-themed decorations.

ICC Sydney’s homepage takeover is a perfect example of how you can leverage your intranet to celebrate Pride Month. In addition to a rainbow background and updating the color of their logo, the enterprise also added a “Happy Pride Month” banner at the top of the page to drive their message home.

ICC Pride takeover

#4. Having fun on Halloween

Keep your culture of celebration going all year long by using homepage takeovers to pay homage to everyone’s favorite fall holiday: Halloween. Terracon’s holiday-inspired homepage includes a black and orange background with ghosts for a spooky feel that gets employees excited about upcoming festivities.

Terracon's halloween themed intranet homepage on a laptop

Are you ready to take enterprise communications to new heights?

While keeping your employees’ attention isn’t going to get any easier, internal comms teams finally have the breadth of tools needed to fully bring their creative visions to life. If you’re looking to enhance your messaging strategy with a next-generation intranet, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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