Cincinnati Bell partners with Unily to launch digital workplace platform

Cincinnati Bell sought out a comprehensive digital solution that would unify three distinct organizations within their umbrella enterprise that were previously siloed. Unily was selected to launch a one-of-a-kind digital workplace that will unite all facets of the company though a singular, intuitive platform.

Communications tower

Unily, a leader in digital workplace technology, shares news of an exciting upcoming collaboration with Cincinnati Bell, a major telephone company that is the dominant service provider for many regions within the United States. Since 1873, Cincinnati Bell has provided integrated communications solutions including local, long distance, data, Internet, and wireless services for businesses and residences.

In recent years, Cincinnati Bell has acquired two additional organizations, Hawa’ii Telecom and OnX Enterprise solutions, an enterprise IT services company. After growing to approximately 6,000 employees, the enterprise decided that a modern digital workplace was critical in order to unite the entire organization. A collaboration team extensively researched intranet offerings before turning to Unily to provide a customized digital experience that could drastically reduce silos and unify a previously segmented enterprise.

Stakeholders decided on a Unily-designed workplace for a multitude of a reasons. Leaders were looking for an intuitive platform that would be easy for employees to fully adopt, as well as a solution with vast integration capabilities. As the digital workplace provider of choice for many large enterprises, Unily is well positioned to deliver a centralized digital solution that is highly agile and user-friendly by design.

Unily is a top player within the field of digital workplace technology and excels at creating cutting-edge digital workplace platforms that are highly comprehensive and customizable. In coming years, the importance of creating bespoke digital experiences is likely to multiply and many organizations are keen to launch best-in-class communications platform that will drive engagement and productivity.

After launching in 2005, Unily swiftly secured a multitude of high-profile clients across diverse industries, including McDonald’s, Hershey Chocolate, British Airways, and L’Oreal. Unily currently employs 130 staffers across the UK, America, Australia, and the Middle East.

Many clients within Unily’s diverse portfolio are large enterprises looking to eliminate silos and unite every subsidiary in order to forge one centralized brand identity. In collaborating with Cincinnati Bell, Unily is eager to help the enterprise unify its workforce and provide each employee with a bespoke digital experience that is both intuitive and highly agile.

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