National Grid demo a living, breathing intranet at Gartner summit

When National Grid set out on a mission to transform employee experience with a new intranet, the events of 2020 were yet to unfold. Now, more than six months post-launch, GRID:Home is empowering more than 20k people to work in new, more efficient, and collaborative ways - saving the equivalent of 140 days across the business weekly. Discover how a major energy company is empowering its people with an audience-focused intranet.

From infonet to intranet with a living, breathing platform

Growth is at the heart of National Grid's intranet strategy. While the enterprise's legacy solution had turned into a "content graveyard", GRID:Home prioritizes ongoing evolution. In fact, National Grid's program team chose "Grow and evolve" as the project's tagline to illustrate that their new intranet was not a stagnant offering, but rather a living, breathing platform that would continue to get better over time. 

It has been less than a year since launch and GRID:Home has already made good on this promise. The intranet surpassed 1m searches within its first 6 months, with many users noting that they're able to find the answers they are looking for with just a few clicks. In addition to keeping key knowledge at employees' fingertips, GRID:Home has further enhanced productivity by helping users reduce the time they spend on daily tasks. With employees noting a time savings of 30 minutes weekly, National Grid's laser-focus on creating an evolving intranet software has given 140 days back into the business, every single week. 

On the agenda:

  • Explore National Grid's transition from their legacy intranet to a brand-new tool
  • Uncover how powerful search contributes to the delivery of consumer-grade experiences
  • Learn how National Grid removed friction and eliminated unproductive micro experiences
  • Understand what it takes to create a home for culture driven by transparency and empowering leaders

Your speakers:

Andrew Hubbard - Group Lead for Internal Communications Channels and Content at National Grid

Andrew Hubbard serves as the lead on Internal Communications Channels and Content for National Grid, one of the world's largest electricity and gas utility companies, headquartered in Warwick, England. Andrew has previously worked in Internal Comms roles at Rolls-Royce, Santander, and Network Rail.

Matt Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

With approximately 10 years of experience as an intranet consultant, Matt has a history of supporting large, global enterprises launching new digital workplace solutions. Matt is an authority on everything from strategy development to technical delivery

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