6 challenges facing the energy industry a next-gen intranet can solve

Employee engagement will be a make or break factor in the new world of work. As energy and utilities leaders look towards the future, a digitally-driven approach to enhancing workplace experience is needed to solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.

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Reimagining employee engagement in the energy industry

The world of work is changing rapidly, and the energy sector is no exception. From drones and sensors to automation, new tools and infrastructure will profoundly impact workflows. While these technologies are poised to enhance productivity, what can you do to ensure your engagement strategy keeps up with the times?

For many leaders, the answer to improving employee experience is well within reach. 86% of oil and gas companies have already launched digital initiatives. Enterprises are increasingly extending their digitalization efforts by turning to intranets to unite their teams and bolster engagement levels. With only 38% of employees satisfied with their workplace technology, improving your workforce’s digital experience can profoundly enhance engagement and morale.

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6 employee engagement challenges your energy intranet can solve

Nearly 80% of energy executives identify employee experience as a top concern, yet 60% admit that they are not ready to tackle it. Leaders can set their organization apart from the pack by creating workplace experiences that bring out the best in every employee. Take advantage of your intranet to overcome the energy industry’s most pressing engagement challenges, including:

#1. Build a better employer brand

Employer branding is the foundation for improving employee engagement. By presenting your enterprise in the best light possible, you will create a workforce of talented employees who produce inspired results. Enterprises with a compelling employer brand enjoy 28% lower turnover rates and a talent pool that is 50% more qualified.

However, employer branding often proves particularly challenging for energy organizations. Traditionally, a poor environmental image and incidences like oil spills and accidents have tarnished the industry’s reputation. Energy leaders who are looking to recruit and retain top talent must confront these publicity issues and emphasize their organization’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Between word of mouth reviews and referrals, your current employees play a powerful role in how your employer brand is perceived. Turn to your intranet to share your organization’s missions and create a culture of environmental awareness that will help you overcome any previous incidences.

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#2. The need for continuous learning

With 50% of energy employees eligible for retirement within the next decade, many leaders are looking to younger generations to build the foundation for their enterprise’s future. However, millennial and Generation Z employees come to the job market with their own unique set of preferences and priorities.

The ability to continuously improve and evolve ranks highly for younger generations. Nearly half of millennials would switch jobs if they weren’t learning fast enough. Given that the half-life for many learned skills is just 5 years, millennial’s thirst for knowledge can be crucial to keeping pace with an ever-evolving landscape.

Give your millennial employees the career development and growth opportunities that they are looking for by creating a learning hub on your intranet. This resource can include explainer articles, video webinars, mentoring schemes, and internal vacancies to promote a growth-oriented culture.

#3. Reduce silos and segmentation

Silos can eat away at output levels and take a serious toll on engagement. Given their large headcounts and dispersed locations, energy enterprises are often particularly vulnerable to segmentation.

Your intranet can eliminate silos and ensure that segmentation is a thing of the past. Mobile responsive functionality allows every user to access your platform, even when they are based in the field or working away from their desk. Utilize push notifications and mandatory reads to get the word out about critical news and updates.

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#4. Create a team mentality

For many energy enterprises, recruiting the right talent can prove particularly challenging. 35% of vacancies are difficult to fill in the UK electricity, gas, and water sectors, compared to the national average of 23%.

Flexibility and autonomy have risen to the top of every job seeker’s priority list and it's up to enterprises to keep up. To encourage more flexible ways of working, make it easy for your employees to collaborate with colleagues and receive support when needed. Take advantage of discussion forums, social networking tools, and team sites to help your employees connect and initiate group working.

#5. Cultivate a sense of purpose

Employees place a premium on value-driven work. 86% would consider taking a pay cut to work for a company whose missions align with their own. For energy leaders specifically, it’s important to demonstrate your environmental and social conscience, since climate change is amongst millennial workers’ top concerns.

If you’re looking to give your company’s mission statement a makeover, your intranet can serve as the launchpad for a new set of values. Debut a social impact initiative on your platform and use blog content and email newsletters to spread the word. Spotlight internal ambassadors and employees who are making a difference to build camaraderie and demonstrate the values your organization stands for.

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#6. Empower third-party collaboration

With so many energy enterprises relying on third parties and freelancers, it's important to make sure your collaborator's experience is up to par.

Energy leaders need efficient channels to keep contractors and partners aligned throughout every stage of their projects. By launching a portal or extranet, you can create a single destination for updates while also keeping internal information confidential.

Are you ready to upgrade engagement with an energy intranet?

If you’re looking attract and retain top talent in the new work era, a next-generation intranet can ensure that your energy enterprise emerges as a best-in-breed employer. To learn more about launching a bespoke solution, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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