Baker Hughes: Uniting a global enterprise with a world-class employee experience platform

Discover how the world's leading energy technology company, Baker Hughes, is launching a new era of work with an employee experience platform designed to unite and empower 50k mission-driven employees working across 80 countries. Take an exclusive look inside one of the world's best intranets, as recognized by Nielsen Norman Group, and find how one global enterprise is transforming communication, collaboration, and productivity with Unily.

Uniting 50k employees with a world-class employee experience platform

With 50k employees spread across 80 countries, Baker Hughes sought a powerful employee experience platform that would help them to align a diverse, mission-focused workforce against a compelling vision. With sights set on cultivating a sustainable energy future, this global enterprise understood that informed and engaged employees would be essential to achieving their aims. 

In partnership with Unily, the leading energy technology company launched MyBakerHughes, which has since been recognized by Nielsen Norman Group as one of the world's best intranets. Utilizing the latest innovations in employee experience technology, Baker Hughes is empowering its people with a world-class platform to reimagine communication, collaboration, and productivity across the enterprise.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Unify two legacy intranets with a powerful employee experience platform that would connect frontline and desk-based employees with the people, systems, and knowledge needed to enhance their experience of work
  • To help colleagues to be more productive by providing a single point of entry to the many applications they rely on
  • To transform internal communications with a social home for stories and information that would help align employees against ambitious goals and underpin a connected culture

This case study will be of particular value if you:

  • Have a diverse, global workforce that you are seeking to unify and empower
  • Want to understand how an employee experience platform can enhance internal communications, collaboration, and productivity
  • Are seeking inspiration for your intranet transformation and want to know what a world-class platform looks like
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