Technology’s role as the great enabler during times of change

When TechnipFMC went through a divestiture in the middle of a pandemic, technology was the glue that kept their employees connected. Discover how they leveraged their intranet to help elevate internal communications, boost engagement and create deeper connections for employees.

Mastering change management with an intranet

For TechnipFMC the pandemic couldn’t have hit at a more complicated time. Already managing a merger, swiftly followed by divestiture, the mass shift to remote working introduced new challenges at a time where change was already well underway.

With more than 22k employees to lead through this complex reset, TechnipFMC’s communication team turned to their intranet as their secret weapon.

In this session, delivered at the Global Communications Summit, TechnipFMC’s Corporate Communications and Corporate Applications manager Alexa Gabillard and Jill Bertrand share important lessons on surviving and thriving in times of great change with technology as a life raft.

Having moved from three homegrown legacy platforms to a single SharePoint solution, before finally launching their Unily employee experience platform, TechnipFMC has seen it all when it comes to managing change digitally. Get a behind-the-scenes look at their journey and learn how you can engage employees through change with a digitally enabled strategy that puts employee needs at the center.

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