Launching a digital workplace behind-the-scenes with Unily's onboarding team

As anyone who has launched a digital workplace solution before will know, the more time spent prepping solid foundations before go-live, the higher the rate of return. Our newly formed onboarding team is solely dedicated to getting our clients prepared for an all-star launch. Discover what it takes to get a digital workplace off the ground with a behind-the-scenes look at all things onboarding.

Digital workplace onboarding 101: our mission

There's a lot of work that goes into the lead-up to launching digital solutions. It is our onboarding team's mission to ensure success throughout the initial chapter of our clients' digital workplace journey and to turn their platform visions into reality.

The new team was established following a review of Unily's existing operational model, to provide support at one of the most critical points of a client's digital workplace journey - the pre-launch phase. 

"The initial phases of any project are often the most confusing yet crucial. The onboarding team is there to guide clients through those early stages, helping to ensure the foundations for success are laid from the outset," says Mark Chevis, Head of Onboarding in North America.

The newly devised onboarding framework supports a seamless launch process by design. The framework is delivered by an expert consultancy team, who draw on diverse training and experience to bring industry-specific knowledge to every implementation.

Onboarding meeting

Three is the magic number for onboarding success

To provide extensive support for all clients, our onboarding team adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on three key components: onboarding management, consultancy, and engineering.

#1. Onboarding management

The onboarding management team serves as the main point of contact for driving projects forward. They work closely with clients from day one through to launch, at which point the customer success team is introduced to create a smooth transition to the next phase of their journey.

#2. Onboarding consulting

The onboarding consultancy team are product and industry specialists who work with clients to help define their requirements and configure their solution to meet long and short-term aims. With our client's unique goals and desired use cases serving as a guide, our onboarding consultants use specialist knowledge to bring these visions to life efficiently.

#3. Onboarding engineering

The onboarding engineering team is the final leg of our larger onboarding division, made up of technical experts who own every element of technical delivery. With an abundance of niche intel, our engineers ensure the platform engine-room is setup for steady-state product management.


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A day in the life: our onboarding team's core functions

Curious what's on our onboarding team's agenda? While no two days are the same, some core objectives include:

  • Collaborating with clients on their road to digital workplace success
  • Defining the client organization and workplace vision and goals
  • Engaging with client stakeholders to understand their business requirements
  • Translating Unily's capabilities into thriving and human-centered digital workplaces for our clients
  • Developing near-term rollout and launch strategies and providing clients with a future roadmap
  • Facilitating sessions to capture requirements, digital brand, and organizational culture to make Unily's implementation a success
  • Working closely with other business departments including sales, support, our customer success portal - Universe, and CSM teams to ensure a seamless onboarding experience that introduces clients to the touchpoints that will drive future success and growth with Unily

The digital workplace onboarding team in action

Instead of a slow build, Unily's onboarding team has hit the ground running. Currently, the department is onboarding close to 1m new users across more than 40 different clients. This includes several leading global enterprises slated to go live within the next few months. Below, we pinpoint some recent highlights:

Out with the old, in with the new

Our onboarding team is currently decommissioning a number of legacy platforms and centralizing systems for one of our clients in the medical device field with a headcount of well over 100k. The team has devised an impressive 12-month roadmap that features deep integrations and extensive use of the Broadcast Center, our in-built communications tool for creating and targeting emails and notifications.

Enhancing functionality for nearly 100k users

Onboarding is also overseeing the launch process for Baker Hughes, a leading player in the oil industry. The team ensured a successful migration from a legacy Drupal environment and is devising a comprehensive platform that will meet a host of specific requirements while optimizing the digital experience for all.

Baker Hughes homepage

An eye towards the future

With several massive accomplishments under their belts, onboarding has its sights set on new projects that are sure to keep the division's momentum going. Some big launches slated for the coming months include a platform for a healthcare provider, with 348k employees, a beauty retailer with 80k employees, and an intranet for a leading aerospace and defense company comprised of over 100k team members.

Unily is a fully scalable platform, and our onboarding teams are working with clients across all sectors and sizes. From 500 users to 250k users, the team is committed to ensuring that all our clients are supported on their journey.

All signs point to sustained success

2020 promises to be a year of many milestones for Unily's onboarding division. 

"I believe our team is transforming for the future. From signature to go-live, we can ensure that clients have a smooth introduction to Unily and can deliver swift ROI. Onboarding sets the tone for the future, and it's important that we get it right from the start. This should be the start of a long partnership together, and getting onboarding right is critical to a client's journey." Mark Chevis, Head of Onboarding North America

Onboarding has been a particularly crucial piece of the puzzle in recent months, as the demand for effective remote work solutions is now at an all-time high. Our newest team is here to ensure an efficient launch process for all and pave the way for maximal adoption from the start.

Get it right from the start with onboarding

Lay the groundwork for a best-in-breed solution with a digital workplace launch strategy that achieves success on all fronts. If you are interested in working with our onboarding specialists to devise a top-performing strategy, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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