What is an intranet?

A modern intranet system has become a must-have tool in the arsenal of any successful enterprise. An enhancer of the digital employee experience and facilitator of a truly modern workplace, the company intranet has taken many shapes over the years. Today, an intranet solution can fulfill countless use cases and needs, so what exactly is intranet software?

Intranet Definition:

"An internal network for sharing information, collaboration tools, operational systems, and other computing services within an organization, typically accessed by a web-based application."

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However, as is the case with all technology, this definition is always evolving. Where an intranet was once just a repository of links to other resources, a next-gen intranet solution is a powerful digital hub – incorporating everything from social threads and native video to employee journey campaigns and artificial intelligence – that acts as a comprehensive one-stop shop for all user needs.

An engaging communications platform. A bulletin board for employee recognition. A driver of efficiency and productivity. A space for open employee collaboration. Modern intranet software can be any and all of these things, adaptable to meet the unique needs of your enterprise and configurable to utilize the latest cutting-edge features and integrations.

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