What is an intranet portal

An intranet is a localized communications network that is often implemented to improve communication, collaboration and engagement within an organization. Let's take a look at what an intranet portal is and how it can benefit your enterprise.

Intranet portal defined 

An intranet portal acts as an entry point to access external apps or enterprise information and therefore helps organizations to manage data, applications and information more easily through personalized views. It provides a centralized knowledge base, which all employees can access with the purpose of creating a better-connected and more productive work environment.

The benefits of an intranet portal 

Centralizing information

Intranet portals bring together multiple applications and information into one portal, helping to improve efficiency and subsequently increase staff productivity. Employees will have access to more information all in one place thanks to an effective intranet portal, helping them to do their jobs more effectively.   

Improved communication 

Communication is very important for the success of an organization. It is vital to keep employees engaged and involved in corporate conversations. An intranet portal can streamline and centralize your communications, allowing you to send the right message to the right people in the right language. This will encourage employee participation and engagement, setting you on the right path to business success.

Improved collaboration

Encouraging collaboration within a global enterprise is pivotal. However, seamless collaboration can be difficult in large organizations due to the international scale of business operation. Employees will speak different languages and be based in different locations around the world. Bringing everyone together can be a challenge that an intranet portal can help overcome.

An intranet portal breaks down barriers and provides an accessible platform to encourage collaboration. 

Document management 

An intranet portal improves access to company information. When you consider that on average employees spend almost 10 hours a week looking for information, the importance and benefit of centralizing documents becomes obvious. Advanced search functions allow employees to quickly find what they’re looking for, increasing productivity and giving them the tools to do their job.

Intranet success. Start as you mean to go on 

Hopefully after taking a look at these steps you have a better idea of where to start when implementing an intranet in your organization and what it takes to lay the foundations for a successful intranet.

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