Designing an award-winning intranet

Take an exclusive look at the world's best intranets of 2021 as selected by Nielsen Norman Group. As the first company to win four best intranet awards, discover what it takes to design an award-winning employee experience platform and get your questions answered by the teams that make it happen.

Discover the world's best intranets of 2021

This year, four Unily clients were selected as the world's best intranets of 2021 by UX authority Nielsen Norman Group. Johnson and Johnson, Baker Hughes, Cathay Pacific, and Commonwealth Care Alliance were all recognized for delivering best-in-class employee experience solutions designed with Unily.

This webinar is an opportunity for you to get an insider's view of two of 2021's best intranet designs and the creators behind them.

Engaging employees and enhancing employee experience has become a key business priority for enterprises coming out of the pandemic. As we become more reliant on enterprise technology to deliver those experiences to employees, the design and UX of the systems we deploy is of crucial significance.

The Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) design annual is highly regarded as the most notable showcase of intranet designs, providing prospective buyers and trend-watchers with yearly insights into intranet design innovation.

Meet the creators of the best intranets 2021

We will be joined by Arrigo Monti, Global Growth Strategy Senior Analyst at Baker Hughes, who led the end-to-end implementation of MyBakerHughes at the height of 2020's disruption. MyBakerHughes serves 56k+ employees with experiences that drive productivity and culture. Arrigo will provide an overview of the story behind MyBakerHughes, giving you an insight into what it takes to launch a best-in-class employee experience solution even when the odds are against you.

Also joining Arrigo on the winner's panel, Abigail Santmyer, Vice President of Internal Comms at CCA will discuss how the development of CommonGround, CCA’s intranet, and how it formed a crucial part of their COVID-19 response strategy. The panelists will draw parallels between their projects, comparing approaches and discussing challenges along the way.

The session will be hosted by Unily's Product Evangelist, Matthew Boyd, who, as well as chairing the discussion, will be on-hand to provide further commentary on Unily's vision for the future of intranet design.

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  • Get an exclusive look at the world's best intranets of 2021
  • Hear from the teams that created the best intranets of 2021
  • Learn what it takes to design award-winning UX and be inspired by our winners
  • Get your questions answered

This webinar is an opportunity for anyone seeking to deliver world-class digital intranet software experiences to employees to learn from the people leading the way. Designed for enterprise professionals from communication, HR, and IT roles.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is a global energy technology company. The Baker Hughes intranet, MyBakerHughes, was launched in April 2020 amid the beginnings of the global pandemic. The challenge forced Baker Hughes to pivot and build an intranet that supported an unprecedented work environment in a historic market downturn. An increasing number of employees were working from home, facing challenging situations, and seeking information on how Baker Hughes was managing as the pandemic was reshaping our world. The success of an intranet is ultimately based on employee adoption rate and usage. During the first 24 hours post-launch, Baker Hughes saw over ten times the average visits than with its previous intranet.

Commonwealth Care Alliance

Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people with significant needs by innovating, coordinating and providing the highest quality, individualized care. Commonwealth Care Alliance's healthcare intranet was developed and implemented as an accessible, intuitive solution to boost employee engagement, foster collaboration and communication, and increase productivity and efficiency. CCA launched the intranet in early 2020, and it proved to be especially valuable to its entire workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The result of the data-driven design process was an intranet that CCA’s workforce received extremely well and even loved. Employees voiced that they did not know an intranet could be “life-changing.” The accolades from employees on the usability of the system and the ability for them to feel more connected to the organization’s mission and to each other made it particularly rewarding for the product team.

Meet your speakers

Arrigo Monti - Commercial Excellence Manager at Baker Hughes

Arrigo Monti is a Commercial Excellence Manager at Baker Hughes, where he helps designing new commercial processes and developing digital platforms in support of the Sales organization. Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide.

Abigail Santmyer - Vice President, Internal Communications at Commonwealth Care Alliance

Abigail Santmyer is the VP of Internal Communications at CCA, where she uses her 15 years of experience planning and implementing culture and organizational changes to ensure the business is positioned to achieve its goals. CCA is a not-for-profit healthcare organization dedicated to improving care for people in Massachusetts.

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Matthew is Unily’s own product evangelist, working closely with the success and marketing teams to share Unily's vision with customers and prospects alike.

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