Life after Workplace: The future of enterprise social networking

The news that Meta is sunsetting Workplace has spurred many leading organizations to review their approach to Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) – whether they’re Workplace users or not. In this webinar, we bring together an expert panel to share essential insights that will help you shape a world-class enterprise social strategy.

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What does a best-in-class enterprise social strategy look like?

The right enterprise social networking strategy can unlock untold organizational benefits. But getting it right can be tricky.

As enterprises strive to empower internal communities, fuel collaborative innovation, and unlock organizational silos, the need for a tactical enterprise social networking strategy comes into sharp focus.

But with so many social intranet alternatives available promising similar results, it can be challenging to know which approach is right for your business.

In this webinar, we gather together a panel of industry experts and employee engagement pros to share insights on how to maximize the value of enterprise social for the modern workforce. What are the best use cases for social, and how can we weave social more effectively into the flow of work? Should social sit in isolation or as part of a consolidated intranet experience? How can we navigate the pitfalls of unwieldy governance? What are the most effective tactics for social moderation? We’ll be tackling these questions and more on the day.

Discover Wipro's social migration success story

Discover the remarkable story of Wipro's social migration and gain insights directly from a large, complex enterprise that has achieved significant milestones in this journey. Explore how Wipro, a global leader in digital transformation and IT consulting services, successfully transitioned 230,000 employees to a new social environment. Gain valuable insights into the measures implemented to harness the power of social in supporting culture and knowledge exchange within the organization.

On the agenda:

  • Top use cases for enterprise social networking
  • Hallmarks of a best-in-class enterprise social strategy
  • Life after Workplace by Meta: what enterprises need to know
  • Where enterprise social networking goes wrong and how to tackle
  • Case study: Lessons from Wipro's social migration success story
  • Live audience Q&A

Meet your speakers:

  • Julien Brain – Global Director of AWS Partner Programs & LGBTQ+ Charter, Wipro
  • Mark Chevis – Vice President Solutions Engineering, Unily
  • Amy Halls – Social and Communities SME, Unily
  • Kaz Hassan – Communities and Insights Lead, Unily
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