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  • The only triple-leader provider chosen by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC
  • The end-to-end Employee Experience Platform of choice for the Fortune 500
  • Enterprise-grade security & data sovereignty protections 
  • Fueling engagement for 5 million employees around the globe

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Unexpected change comes with risk

Workplace by Meta is nearing its end, and many organizations are facing disruption to their EX strategy. Don’t risk losing the momentum and engagement you have established through social communities.


But change is also an opportunity

Strategic enterprises will seize this opportunity to assess their options. It’s time to evaluate the goals of your end-to-end DEX strategy, integrations, security, and technology stack. 



  • McDonald's
  • Zaxby's
  • Crayola
  • ELC
  • Shell
  • Kerzner
  • L'Oreal
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Canon
  • 7 eleven
  • EY
  • Comcast
  • CVS
  • J&J
  • Wacker
  • Best Buy
  • British Airways logo
  • AMEX

How Unily can help

Unily is a trusted partner with proven multiple enterprise social migrations. We help the most complex organizations safely and securely migrate from isolated enterprise social networks to a holistic and more deeply unified EX platform without impacting existing engagement success. Automatically migrate from Meta Workplace to the #1 EX platform with Unily's Meta Workplace migration tool.

Our credentials

  • The only triple-leader provider chosen by Gartner, Forrester and IDC 
  • The end-to-end EX platform of choice for the Fortune 500 
  • Used by 5 million employees around the globe  
  • Trusted partner of Microsoft, Google, and Workday 
  • Enterprise-grade security & data sovereignty protections
  • Powerful analytics, as standard 
  • Transparent pricing up front – no nasty surprises later 
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