Unily unveils advanced social intranet capabilities

We unveil Unily’s new and exciting social intranet capabilities – make sure every voice is heard across your international workforce with powerful built-in translation, post sharing and comment editing features.

Colleagues using Unily social intranet

Unily social – now with even more ways to bring your digital workplace platform to life

So far, Unily social intranet has empowered users to:

  • @mention anybody in Unily, to bring them into the picture
  • Use #hashtags and bespoke social reactions to widen the scope and create buzz
  • Discover any social post by searching Unily’s unified search center
  • Follow dedicated social channels to stay connected with the conversations that matter
  • Recognize and reward team members and colleagues with kudos and badges
  • Have private social channels that keep the right people in the know

In 2019, Unily social intranet had 17,000 unique users post messages, a 50% increase on the previous year. In total, there were 860,000 visits to the social page over the year, with over 750,000 reactions on content. Interestingly, Tuesday was the most popular day to visit, in particular just after lunch at 2 pm! 

We’ve recently added even more capabilities to Unily social to encourage your global, fast-paced, and information-hungry audience to converse and share knowledge their way.

Break down barriers and bridge the gap between your international workforce

By 2024 global machine translation market size will reach 1.5 billion US dollars, a massive increase from $400m in 2016.

With lots of translation happening across enterprises, in many cases, people still can’t understand the thoughts and opinions of their multinational colleagues when shared on social intranets. Unily social challenges the status quo.

Unily can now translate any social post, tapping into this powerful machine translation technology with just one click. With this capability, anybody in your international workforce can rapidly translate any social post into their language, making for a far more user-friendly experience while improving engagement, collaboration, and inclusivity.

Spread the word by sharing any social post or comment

Statista reports that 53% of US Facebook users share content every week, proving that sharing information has become pivotal to social media use in the modern world. Going further, they state that in one internet minute, users send over 41.6 million mobile messages and 2.1 million snaps, showing that communication and sharing are deeply interlinked. Consider a typical day at work – when was the last time that you didn’t share information with a colleague or friend?

With Unily, you can continue sharing topical information with your work colleagues even when generated in the form of a social post or thread. The Unily intranet software now supports deep linking to every single post, reply and comment in the system, meaning that no information is ever truly lost, so all information and great ideas can be shared with people that need to know.

Make every message perfect with the ability to edit your comments

When you start to analyze your social feeds, you may come across a lot of unnecessary repetition, where your people are adding further comments to their original posts and therefore taking up a lot of the social real estate. This could give the impression that your social feeds are unmoderated and lacking focus.

With Unily, social commentary is like any other piece of content, editable, putting the power of content creation in your hands. No comment is set in stone, so your people can add to their ideas or rephrase their posts as they see fit. They can go back and edit any of their social comments, within a specified time frame, while retaining social proofing and adding value. With Unily social intranet, you’re creating a story for your entire enterprise, one post at a time.

Looking to implement an advanced social intranet for your enterprise?

Get the conversation started with Unily social. Experience our social capabilities, and see how they can inspire and engage your digital workforce - we’ll be happy to provide a demo.

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