Windstream: Migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

As a leading telecommunications provider, connection is Windstream’s lifeblood. Previously, a legacy platform created roadblocks that hindered the efficacy of internal comms. By migrating to Unily, Windstream has entered a new era of workforce connectivity.

Windstream intranet migration case study flat pages - migrating to Unily in 9 weeks

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Discover how Windstream migrated from their legacy platform to a new modern intranet in just 9 weeks.

Nearly five years of dissatisfaction with their previous service provider motivated Windstream’s Corporate Communications team to search for greener pastures. With just nine weeks until their contract’s end date, the enterprise sought a rapid migration that would ensure no stone was left unturned. Thanks to a robust migration playbook, Unily and Windstream collaborated to unveil a rich communications platform that puts connection at the forefront.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Complete a migration of 310k content items in just 9 weeks
  • Drive adoption from the start by streamlining the learning curve associated with behavior change
  • Create a single pane of glass experience through seamless integrations with the Microsoft stack and third-party applications
  • Encourage two-way communications by introducing authentic social functionality and user-generated content

This case study will be of particular value if you:

  • Want a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to rapidly migrate an intranet
  • Wish to learn more about the fundamental stages of migration on an accelerated timeline
  • Are interested in the benefits associated with relaunching your intranet
  • Are seeking inspiration for how to redesign your intranet to unify your workforce
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