The importance of positivity in your intranet steering committee

Delivering a new intranet is no small task. It takes a great deal of coordination and vision to deliver an intranet which will really add value to an organisation, and the path to success is quite often full of challenges. As such, many organisations put a steering committee in place to drive new intranet projects, govern the platform or continue to invest effectively in what already exists.

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The importance of positivity in your intranet steering committee

As a generalisation, an intranet steering committee is usually comprised of individuals from various parts of the business with a vested interest in the outcome of a specific project, or with some ownership of the application. More frequently than not this tends to be representatives from Internal Communication, HR, IT and Operations. However, once the steering committee is in place and the project is underway, or even after a new implementation is complete, there can be a challenge around staying goal orientated, maintaining positivity and continuing to make progress. 

To get the most out of a new or existing intranet, it is crucial that your steering committee maintains the right mind-set, leading by example for the rest of the business. Below we have listed some top tips which might help you while building your steering committee or when drafting the list of expected behaviours for your team.

1. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day

Delivering a world class intranet takes time and effort. Entering into an intranet project with any other expectation is setting your steering committee up for a challenge. A steering committee must be willing to commit time and effort to the intranet, both during the development and post rollout, to achieve the goals that have been collectively agreed upon.

In addition, your steering committee must be realistic with their expectations. The all singing, all dancing version of your intranet might be a year away, but having a minimum viable product for launch and a roadmap for future wins is a great way to help manage expectations as well as build upon initial success. 

2. Where there’s a will there’s a way

Within your steering committee a ‘can do’ attitude can be absolutely invaluable. Those individuals that remain positive and find a solution to any hurdle will help to keep the project on track.

One aspect of a ‘can do’ attitude that cannot be ignored is available time. With the best will in the world somebody that is already completely maxed out by their day to day work won’t be able to commit to dealing with potential issues, even if they do have a valid reason for featuring in your steering committee. In this case you could consider asking the individual if there is someone from their team or department that might be able to offer more of their time to support their contributions.

3. There can be no progress without conflict

Conflict is the cornerstone of progress, but too much conflict isn’t good for productivity. Building your steering committee is about striking a balance by inviting those individuals that will provide constructive criticism and challenge the status quo without becoming a hindrance to overall progress.

Another significant opportunity when building your steering committee is to actually invite some of the intranets biggest sceptics to be a part of the solution. Your steering committee should play a vital advocacy role in your intranet adoption strategy, and if you can convert the sceptics they can in fact become some of the most effective advocates. Give them a chance to contribute and shape the tool in a positive way for themselves and the rest of business.

4. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

Delivering an exceptional intranet is first and foremost a team effort. The scope of your intranet will determine how big your team is, but in most cases it is simply too large a job for any single individual. However, this doesn’t mean that a single individual won’t be required to stand out and take the bull by the horns.

Throughout the intranet project or management of it thereafter, there will be various stakeholders and conflicting ideas to contend with. Not to mention the entire business audience waiting with bated breath for the new / improved tool… no pressure! Strong leadership is essential to maintaining focus and attitude within the steering committee as well as making the tough decisions and learning from them.

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