Make video the bedrock of your digital transformation strategy

With digital transformation having to hurdle a wide range of enterprise challenges, from security concerns to ensuring users have access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, video is becoming the most sought-after tool to create a radical new work culture.

Inspire new ways of working

IDC predicts that digital transformation will take up 53% of all information and communications investment by 2023. Whether it’s performance issues, like broken links or uneven UX on an old intranet, or adhering to accessibility standards, your digital transformation strategy needs to have a wide scope, considering everything from culture to employee experience and processes. With the race to find the best tools to organize, motivate, and inspire new ways of working, native video is the perfect vehicle for addressing the challenges of today.

The use of video creates many possibilities. Employees can set up groups to rapidly share initiatives and encourage discussions. Consider a dedicated remote working tips group, for instance, where everyone can share videos of their working environment, daily work goals or inspiration, or even workout tips. Alternatively, create video news, giving a voice to all those who previously may have been put off by having to write long-form articles. Video, in contrast to text, is instantly appealing and helps to break down silos. Everyone with a smartphone can record and share their content. 

The global pandemic crisis has changed the way we work, making cybersecurity the number one concern for IT and digital transformation leaders. It’s now more challenging than ever for organizations to monitor the use of third-party applications, so your video capabilities must be native. With Unily, native video comes as standard, with people able to upload video directly into Unily’s secure platform, so only enterprise-level access is granted.

Distribute confidential updates with secure video access

Enterprise content can include highly sensitive business-critical information, which should only be viewed by the designated party. The problem with email-heavy culture is that these documents can end up being accidentally sent to the wrong people. One mistake, and you’ve broken confidentiality. Phishing scams are also commonplace and can lead to expensive data breaches, costing companies an average of $3.86m per data breach.

Unily has both ISO27001 and SOC 2 accreditation and offers you the granular control you need to keep your data secure. Video content in Unily is like any other piece of content, with the flexibility to set access rights and permissions. With this level of control, you can distribute sensitive information safe in the knowledge that only the individuals or groups that you have selected can view or modify your content.

For an extra level of security, Unily offers end to end encryption of video content. This means that only your selected audience will be able to view your content. Your highly confidential information travels encrypted from the sender to the receiver, and no one will be able to see what is being sent.

Unily video security confidential

Simplify video management

With application sprawl being a significant problem for today’s IT departments, and app fatigue setting in, IT teams end up stretching themselves thin, leaving little room for big picture thinking. Lighten their load by offering your people access to Unily’s powerful employee experience platform, featuring native video capabilities so that you can cut costs incurred from other video management software as well as operations costs.

Unily also empowers content creators with an intuitive CMS that lets them easily add and modify content, including videos. It allows them to take full ownership of their content without having to rely on internal IT support. Unily’s expansive content management capabilities, in turn, will enable you to fulfill your company’s strategic goals by transforming the way your people work with self-service.

Because Unily is a managed service, troubleshooting is handled via Unily’s support desk. Customers feel supported every step of the way, with access to an exclusive customer portal and ongoing support from our customer success teams. The success portal gives customers access to a community of Unily users and experts who can answer any of their questions, as well as in-depth guides and webinars.

Unily video management

Automate operations with AI-powered video capabilities

Research shows that 90% of workers have to take on repetitive tasks, which could be automated. Manual processes are not only time consuming but are unappealing for the modern workforce, who expect to be doing more of the big picture strategic work and less of the laborious manual work. This situation has led to 70% of companies exploring new use cases for automation.

An example of time-consuming manual labor is creating and aligning metadata, which could lead to numerous costly manual errors, making it increasingly difficult for people to discover your content. Azure Media Services power Unily’s native video capabilities so metadata is automatically extracted. Now adding videos and enabling your people to find them is as simple as clicking a button, making this feature ideal for HR professionals looking to set up onboarding video training.

Automating tasks also help you adhere to website accessibility standards, which play a significant factor in modern site infrastructure and the subsequent development of content. Regardless of whether you’re adopting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it’s essential to support people with disabilities on both external and internal platforms. One way to meet these guidelines is to enable accessibility options. With Unily, generating transcripts is as easy as clicking one button - upload your video into Unily’s CMS, and the AI-based analysis feature does all the rest.

Are you ready to take the next step on your digital transformation journey?

Speak to one of our digital transformation experts today to discover how Unily’s native video capabilities can modernize your digital workplace and bring your culture to the forefront.


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