Intranet 3.0: How AI is powering next-gen employee experiences

With employers everywhere striving to keep up with demands of the modern workforce and adapt employee experience strategies accordingly, the big question about how AI will provide new opportunities to enhance engagement needs answering. Discover how Unily sees AI transforming employee experience in the not-so-distant future, and how AI is already empowering leading enterprises to work smarter.

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How AI is transforming the world of work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly shaping and will continue to transform the future of work in various ways. With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, make predictions, and automate tasks, AI is revolutionizing industries and reshaping job roles and responsibilities. It’s transformational impact in the employee engagement sphere is no different. By leveraging AI technologies in employee experience technology, organizations can bring consumer-grade experiences to the enterprise, helping to drive efficiency and boost engagement.

But how exactly is AI transforming the future of work?

#1. Powering productivity, automating repetitive tasks

One significant impact of AI on the future of work is automation. AI-powered systems can perform repetitive, mundane tasks with precision and speed, freeing up employees to focus on more complex and creative endeavors. This automation has the potential to streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce human error wherever it is applied. The development opens up new opportunities for individuals to engage in higher-level tasks that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

#2. Uncovering insights, recommending actions

AI is also enhancing decision-making processes by providing valuable insights and predictive analytics. Advanced algorithms can analyze vast datasets, identify patterns, and generate actionable recommendations. This is particularly valuable in fields such as finance, healthcare, and marketing, where data-driven decision making is crucial. By leveraging AI, professionals can make more informed choices, optimize resource allocation, and improve outcomes.

#3. Elevating engagement, personalizing experiences

AI is also driving the growth of personalized experiences and services. With the help of machine learning algorithms, AI systems can gather and analyze user preferences, behavior, and feedback to deliver tailored recommendations and solutions. This is evident in sectors like e-commerce, entertainment, and healthcare, where AI algorithms offer personalized product recommendations, content suggestions, and treatment plans. By leveraging AI-driven personalization across their organizations, companies can enhance employee satisfaction, increase engagement, and foster loyalty in their brand.

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AI powered Unily: lifting the lid on Unily’s AI capabilities

The broad impact of AI on the future of work is exponential. But how is AI enhancing employee experience technology specifically?

Unily has long been focused on enhancing the employee experience with AI-powered services, but with the rise of ChatGPT bringing the topic into sharp focus, it’s time to lift the lid on how AI capability drives the power of Unily.

Here are some of the ways Unily is using AI to enhance the lives of intranet teams and the employees they serve.

#1. Netflix-like content recommendations

AI analytics and content recommendations are a fundamental feature of the Unily product. With consumer technology embracing AI-powered personalization to pray on the attention of consumers, employees are coming to expect the same level of personalization from their workplace tech. AI-generated content recommendations on an intranet or EX platform offer personalized, relevant, and timely information to employees.

User targeting on mobile

To truly capture the attention of employees, we need technology that surfaces content intelligently at times that people are most primed to engage. Unily’s AI-powered personalization and recommendation capabilities use a combination of user data and behavioural analysis to recommend items most likely to capture the interest of different users. Recommended content feeds, News For You widgets and Trending Topic roll-ups gives your content a place to shine.

Meanwhile, intelligent campaign functionality helps to deliver on the ‘right place, right time’ element of a successful engagement strategy. Content is automatically targeted to employees based on previous content interactions, and nudges are sent out on appropriate channels – be that Teams, Slack or email – to remind employees that action is needed.


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#2. AI-powered translation features

Unily’s 400-enterprise customer base comprises a legion of truly global organizations with people distributed across more than 100 countries. These richly diverse organizations often have multinational operations, and their people speak in many different languages to get the job done.


Inbuilt multilingual support is a prerequisite for any robust employee experience platform. But Unily’s AI-powered multilingual translation takes translation up a gear, ensuring total accessibility for all users and simple translation for content owners. Platform managers can trust their AI-powered translation services to automatically convert content from pages, news stories, notifications and much more, saving countless hours in manual translation.

Driven by Azure translation services, the capability spans 40 languages and can translate detailed, abundant content in minutes. What makes Unily’s translation approach so unique, is that we have layered our own system intelligence on top to further enhance Azure’s functionality.

Communicating to a multilingual workforce with an intranet


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#3. Picture perfect: AI for imagery

Great imagery can elevate your employee experience platform, but if not managed correctly it can become scattered and unruly, amassing over time and clogging your CMS. All this mess will make it harder for your people to find and correctly use imagery across the platform.

That’s where Unily’s AI driven automatic imagery processing comes in! Enabling quick identification of objects, text, and visual content, our automatic AI imagery capability ensures your content stays clean and categorized. Upload images in a flash and keep everything organized with this cutting-edge technology that truly takes the pain out of taxonomy.

This inbuilt Azure vision processing includes image tagging, object/text recognition, and labelling so employees can quickly identify what they’re looking for. This feature enhances search and retrieval whilst reinforcing governance standards across your imagery content.

Intranet design 101


Intranet design 101

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#4. Lights, camera, AI across video

With video content now a mainstay in the internal comms arsenal, AI-powered video services allow Unily customers to save hundreds of hours and enhance video accessibility with automatic captioning.

Video with inbuilt AI transcription is part of the bumper Unily package. With it you can upload videos directly to your platform and let Unily take over the heavy lifting. Built-in AI transcription saves your content editors valuable time manually transcribing video and audio content so they can focus on the stuff that really lights them up.

It works by using high-tech speech to text AI to automatically transcribe audio content. Used in combination with AI-powered translation services, transcripts can then be surfaced as closed captions in 40 different languages, ensuring ultimate accessibility.

Keyword tagging is an added bonus that helps index content in a way that drives best-practice governance and helps users to find the content their looking for with ease. AI-powered video services will even suggest the optimal frame for thumbnails or video ‘covers’, ensuring you always get the best visuals across your platform.

By leveraging AI-powered video analysis, organizations can unlock the value of their video content, improve user experiences, and drive better business outcomes.

Video captions

#5. A virtual assistant experience with integrated chatbots

Unily’s rich suite of tooling also includes a chatbot integration so you can easily configure a virtual assistant that gives employees more intuitive ways to access resources and find quick answers to everyday questions.

Leveraging the Azure Cognitive Service for Language feature, Unily’s AI-powered ChatBot functionality allows enterprises to create a conversational layer over content that revolutionized knowledge retrieval. With automatic question-answer extraction that spans all content types, let your Bot do the legwork for you, detecting knowledge locked away in myriad content and aggregating it into structured Q&A formats.

Organizations can elevate their ChatBot experience by bringing their unique tone of voice to the fore. Select from an array of personas and allow the chit-chat feature to augment the conversational style of your Bot so it feels like one of your colleagues. As your people begin to embrace their new VA, it will learn from them and get smarter with time.

Shell Chatbot

Thinking about customer experience in the consumer world, instant messaging has really changed the landscape. As employees are just as important as customers, if not more important, it is vital that organizations drive consumer-grade experiences across their employee experience platform. Chatbots can be informational, transactional, dynamic, or contextual – and could bring a sophisticated edge to everyday scenarios like contacting your IT helpdesk about equipment.

Chatbots can unlock many engagement benefits. They could boost employee satisfaction by offering an element of fun interactivity. They could help you meet your employee needs more quickly, and they have an ‘always on’ availability. Our chatbot integration is driven by powerful Microsoft Azure technology with a quick and simple set-up.

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We are only scratching the surface

Artificial intelligence is already reshaping the future of work and will continue to do so at an accelerated pace. It presents immense opportunities for increased productivity, improved decision making, and personalized experiences. Endorsing AI technologies and preparing the workforce for the AI-driven future are essential steps to harness its potential and create a more efficient and innovative work environment.

AI is the future, and Unily is embracing it with open arms.

Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

As part of the Product Marketing team, Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. Learn More

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