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For too long the apps and tools we use at work pale in comparison to the experiences we see in the consumer app market. 2021 marks the year Unily levels the playing field, bringing consumer-grade innovations to the enterprise and making engaging employee experiences more accessible than ever before. Find out how our mobile app update can transform engagement from head office to frontline.

A mobile intranet for the future of work

The arrival of smartphones, tablets, and the ever-increasing power of technology that fits in our hands has forever changed the way we interact with technology. Our expectations have been set by the consumer app market, and enterprises are under increased pressure to compete. With the rise of remote working styles and the increased need to communicate with frontline and desk-based employees, Unily's mobile app update come at the right time. 

Unily is making 2021 the year that the employee experience bridges the gap with consumer-grade offerings and connect deskless, frontline, and global workforces better than ever before.

With an overhaul of the Unily native mobile intranet app experience focusing on design, improved UX, significant performance improvements, and new functionalities, Unily is adding some much-needed finesse to the mobile user experience, all while delivering the same multi-award-winning designs to our end-users. Further additions to the Unily platform user experience and Feature Store are arriving in tow to give you more ways than ever of reaching, engaging, and empowering your users no matter their location, role, or device.

Welcome to the mobile revolution

Unily mobile intranet homepage

In 2021, Unily is leading the mobile charge with a host of improvements, enhancements, upgrades and updates to bring consumer-grade experiences to every employee, no matter where they work or what access to technology they have. The steps forward Unily is taking in universally improving the employee experience include ten more wins for our Universe customer community ideation hub, ensuring our platform continues to develop in parallel to the needs and challenges facing our clients.

Unily’s overhaul of the mobile user experience allows enterprises to deliver deskless employees the mobile solution they deserve. Unlocking frontline engagement, driving productivity with full access to the digital workplace, and connecting your entire enterprise; the next generation of mobile intranets has arrived, just in time for a digitally-enabled future of work.

All-new engaging UX

Unily mobile intranet navigation

Beautiful digital experiences drive engagement and employee productivity, so without sacrificing on functionality Unily has redesigned and overhauled our mobile user experience to bring mobile users a better-optimized view of the mobile intranet.

With smartphones in our lives for almost 15 years now, we’ve become accustomed to certain features, gestures, and functions in the mobile apps we use. Unily has implemented several key upgrades to our mobile UX, further incorporating familiar actions and intuitive controls into the mobile experience to drive adoption and engagement.

New smooth transitions and animations make switching between pages and flyouts seamless, while support for native gestures like pull to refresh and full-width content and social views optimize mobile reading experiences.

Making the most of the most valuable screen estate, Unily’s new-look mobile experience sees a complete redesign of navigation menus with intelligent buttons and a cleaner header design that dynamically incorporates key parts of pages and sites, like search bars, in specific cases.

Drive productivity with mobile toolbars

Unily mobile intranet toolbar

One of the first differences you’ll likely notice with Unily’s enhanced mobile experience is the brand new mobile toolbar navigation at the bottom of the screen, providing quick access to relevant pages and resources. This toolbar is configurable and targetable, allowing you to link to any page you like and deliver more relevant toolbars for different departments. Any smartphone user will be familiar with this type of interface, so it was a no-brainer addition to our mobile experience drive efficient navigation of your platform.

A new mobile search center

Unily mobile intranet new document centre

Deskless employees – especially those working on the frontlines – rely on your mobile app to access everything they need to work effectively, and mobile users typically want things in a hurry.

Unily’s unified search center is a major driver of productivity gains for our clients, so for mobile users it’s important they enjoy just as efficient access to the wider digital workplace. Unily’s mobile experiences now include a new search center with item templates optimized for mobile use, available for installation from the Feature Store.

Taking content further

Unily mobile intranet content editing

Unily’s mobile enhancements are all about connecting and empowering your frontline, and to tap into the unique knowledge they have, frontline employees must be given a platform to share their insight.

Never let a story go untold with easy front-end publishing that gives everyone the opportunity to share their voice. Mobile users can easily and intuitively create, edit, target, and publish content all from the native mobile app, taking advantage of every channel to reach colleagues with shared insights.

As well as giving mobile users a platform to make their voice heard, Unily is also extending the reach of the digital workplace and connecting frontline users with limited access to intranet software via offline reading. Unily’s ground-breaking offline reading feature takes your content and communications one step further, allowing mobile users to select and save content from the native Unily mobile app, meaning all employees can enjoy engaging digital experiences, even without an internet connection.

A host of features to connect people

Unily mobile intranet profile

Productivity increases 20-25% in enterprises with connected employees, as per McKinsey research. Alongside the user experience and performance updates we’re bringing to mobile, Unily is also adding new functions and designs to boost connectivity among deskless workers and build a bridge from your frontline to HQ.

New interaction menus with content and user profiles offer mobile users a streamlined way of interacting with content and with colleagues. Mobile users can edit content, follow users, copy links, share content to integrated applications like Teams and Slack, or even Skype call other users directly. This overhaul brings a new setup that allows admins to configure an experience appropriate for the context of their business. This has the added benefit of keeping page and content design free of clutter and clean of unnecessary buttons.

Additionally, newly designed profile pages with an optimized mobile experience, available for installation via the Feature Store, help mobile users establish their digital identity on your platform, making it easier than ever to search for expertise and collaborators while on the move.

A new look under the hood

"Engaging mobile experiences are half user interface, half performance. If one fails, any amount of success in the other is lost."

Forrester Research

In order for us to truly upgrade the mobile employee experience, the performance of our native mobile app is key. All this work on functionality, UX, and optimization hasn’t happened in isolation of serious enhancements to the overall performance of the mobile intranet, including improved load times and consistent user experiences across devices and browsers.

"Offline support drives amazing performance. Engineering client-side caching solutions for offline usage can be challenging, but the performance benefits are almost always worth it."

Forrester Research

On top of these under the hood enhancements, we’ve also taken advantage of users’ devices to help boost the performance of our mobile experience. When a user navigates from one page to another, the page they’re leaving is saved and cached. When navigating back to that original page, it now loads instantly, taking users back to the exact place on the page they were on when leaving.

Further improvements to the Unily experience

Bringing a consumer-grade digital experience to your entire enterprise may rely heavily on next-gen mobile solutions, but that’s not to say your desktop users aren’t being accounted for. Releasing alongside our overhaul of the mobile employee experience is several features and enhancements to the desktop Unily platform:

Context menus streamline access

Not just for mobile users, our context menus offer the same streamlined access to interact with content and colleagues to every member of your organization. No matter the device, context menus offer users targeted and appropriate actions as they navigate Unily. Whether it’s copying a link to the latest news article to share over WhatsApp or starting a Teams call with a colleague, this overhaul brings a new setup that allows admins to configure and target an experience appropriate for the context of their business.

We’ll continue adding value for customers with a diverse set of business tools by adding interactions via the Feature Store, or via the Custom Development team for unique requirements, and will be launching a series of integrated options with Teams, Slack and Skype on launch day.

Unily’s Feature Store is growing

There have also been a few enhancements that will benefit our Feature Store. Media Folders and Images can now be installed, meaning we can include images in content pack installs and clients can add widget images used to display in the Broadcast Center for the layout and row templates.

Enhancements have also been made to benefit development projects, meaning custom features can be made available only to specific client platforms, and also adding the ability to install dictionary labels and branding into a clients’ environment.

Automate form submissions to any email

As requested by our bustling Universe customer community, this development means that CMS users will be able to enter any email address to receive form submissions, meaning they can get submissions sent straight to a group mailbox or to trigger the creation of a ticket in support systems.

A new era of employee experiences is here

To help you discover what benefits a next generation employee experience can bring your business and your frontline or deskless employees, we have experts at the ready to talk you all the way through the digital transformation process. Get in touch today to unlock the full potential of your frontline.

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