Unlocking frontline engagement: The ROI of a mobile intranet

Deskless employees and frontline workers are among the hardest to reach and engage, making them far more likely to feel isolated from your organization. Where technology has previously failed these employees, new capabilities and empowering digital experiences have arrived to help enterprises connect their frontline better than ever before. With Unily's new mobile employee experiences, unlocking the potential of your frontline is now a reality.

Deskless employee using Unily mobile intranet app

Tap into your frontline’s full potential with a mobile intranet

As mobile becomes a greater part of everyday work, a study from Salesforce has revealed that 7 in 10 employees already rely on using mobile apps for work-related activities. At the same time, 59% of workers believe their organization has been too slow at delivering a sufficient mobile solution.

Supplying these workers with a powerful mobile intranet experience can revolutionize engagement and productivity, fully connecting your enterprise and providing a direct channel between head office and your frontline.

Unily is leading the mobile charge in 2021 with a host of improvements, enhancements, upgrades and updates to ensure that mobile users are as engaged and empowered as their desk-based colleagues. To show you what’s possible with Unily’s new mobile employee experience, we’re drilling down into the true value of a mobile-first intranet, detailing some of the new features and possibilities the Unily mobile app offers enterprises to achieve returns on your investment, and demonstrate the benefits of a next-generation mobile intranet.

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Discover the power of a mobile intranet

2.7 billion people work away from a desk. That’s 80% of the global working population. These employees need more from their organizations, from their technology, and from the employee experience. This in-depth guide details everything your enterprise needs to deliver a consumer-grade mobile experience that connects and engages everyone from head office to frontline.

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The ROI of mobile

The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found that 63% of global enterprises regard mobility as the most significant factor contributing to competitive advantage, and seven in ten cite it as a top priority. A digital workplace mobile app is clearly not a luxury, it is essential.

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A mobile-first employee experience platform drives frontline engagement by connecting users to your organization and your culture via beautiful native app experiences. Streamlined access to resources and information boost productivity among deskless employees by reducing time to task and surfacing relevant information quickly. Intuitive and familiar social features and culture-building features, like awarding Kudos and Badges, encourage collaboration across your enterprise, sharing expertise from your frontline to benefit everyone.

All these benefits pay dividends. Research from Harvard Business Review has shown that organizations with a more engaged frontline see customer loyalty rates that are 12% higher than competitors’. On top of this, enterprises investing in engaging their frontline workforces statistically outperform companies that don’t – proving to be up to four times more profitable.

Reap the benefits of a connected frontline

Despite the crucial role they play, the digital experience for many frontline employees isn’t up to scratch. The same study from Harvard Business Review found that 86% of leaders note that frontline employees need better technology-enabled insights in order to make important decisions and improve productivity.

Connecting people to tools, information, insights, and to each other is the name of the game, and advances in the mobile employee experience are making the dream of workplace apps that stand toe-to-toe with their desktop counterparts a reality.

Below are four key areas that Unily’s new and improved mobile experiences deliver value in, along with the features you can leverage to drive these results:

#1. Productivity in your pocket

A two-year study of more than 800k employees at Fortune 500 companies found that people reported stable and even increased productivity levels after employees started working from home. The same report highlights that 94% of companies are investing in mobile solutions to increase productivity, raise employee experience, and cut costs. This is evidence enough of the productivity gains a next-generation mobile intranet achieves.

Productive mobile experiences are all about connecting people to content and resources as efficiently as possible. Deep integrations with third-party applications allow you to deliver a unified digital workplace via a mobile app that employees can take with them anywhere, accessing all the tools they need to remain productive on the move.

Unily mobile intranet search

Unily’s unified search center allows your frontline and remote workforce to immediately access all the tools and information relevant to them and their role, pulling from several systems to bring your entire digital workplace together in one searchable place. Take search relevancy for your frontline one step further and create targeted search centers for different departments, surfacing the information your mobile users need first.


Employee productivity in the remote work era

In the second episode of our all-new podcast, our host Paul Seda invites Unily’s Kaitlin Auriemma, Kaz Hassan, and Matthew Boyd to the show to tackle the issue of employee productivity in the remote work era. Grab your headphones and get down to the details of employee productivity with the latest episode of the Unily podcast.

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#2. Tap into frontline insight

Unily mobile intranet ideation

Your frontline are the eyes and ears of your enterprise. In the majority of industries, they are responsible for delivering your customer experience and get to see how people interact with your brand. As such, your frontline workforce holds invaluable insight into improving your relationships with customers.

Unily’s ideation hub empowers anyone within your company, whether on the ground or on your senior management team, to have their say and contribute to the future of your enterprise. Ideation allows organizations to incorporate more agile solutions and gather internal feedback for support, ideas, and problem-solving. With Unily’s ideation hub, people can offer ideas at any time, from anywhere, by opening the app and utilizing the fully mobile responsive intranet ideation experience.

Unily mobile intranet front end content creation

Unily’s mobile enhancements are all about connecting and empowering your frontline, and to tap into the unique knowledge they have, frontline employees must be given a platform to share their insight. Never let a story go untold with easy front-end publishing that gives everyone the opportunity to share their voice. Mobile users can easily and intuitively create, edit, target, and publish content all from the native mobile app, taking advantage of every channel to reach colleagues with shared insights.

Frontline employee uses mobile intranet to stay engaged


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#3. Connect frontline to HQ

Unily mobile intranet people profile

As the demographic most vulnerable to disengagement and prone to feel isolated or disconnected, your frontline needs every opportunity available to interact with colleagues from across your entire business, not just their department.

Empower your mobile users to carve out a digital identity for themselves with dynamic user profiles that can be populated with their skills, experience, and interests so that colleagues may search for expertise and collaborate together.

Unily mobile intranet people directory

Unily's people directory allows users to find anyone within their organization, from any device. Each employee can be found by their dedicated profile, which lists location, department, and skills. Mobile users can search by these criteria to quickly find the right expertise, making knowledge sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

#4. Bring disconnected employees back into the mix

Unily mobile intranet offline reading list

Connecting hard-to-reach employees is one of the most persistent challenges enterprises face today, but uniting your enterprise means uniting everyone, and with the arrival of offline reading, Unily is making strides in expanding the reach of intranet software to every corner of your workforce.

Ensuring our mobile experiences offer unparalleled inclusivity and engaging those furthest from HQ, Unily’s offline reading feature promises to bring disconnected employees back into the fold. Allowing users to select and save content from the native Unily mobile app, offline reading means all your employees can enjoy engaging digital experiences, even without an internet connection.

Unily mobile intranet awarding kudos

Another way of engaging disconnected frontline employees, and one that will be making its way to the Unily mobile experience by thanks of an ideation request from our Universe customer community: Our mobile enhancements now allow users to award Badges and Kudos from the mobile app, even allowing your deskless employees to award multiple colleagues at one time.

Woman on her company mobile intranet whilst in the subway


Connect the disconnected with offline intranet reading

We take a look at Unily's newest feature, offline reading, giving users the ability to save content so they can enjoy it whenever they like. For employees without a stable internet connection, offline intranet reading powers engagement without limits. Empower your people to take communications with them wherever they go and consume content when it suits them with offline reading on your intranet.

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Discover what an engaged frontline can mean for your enterprise

The benefits are numerous and the value so great that it can be difficult to picture what gains a next-generation mobile employee experience could bring to your enterprise. To find out what a connected deskless workforce can do for your business, get in touch.

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