5 things you'll be able to do now you have the Unily App

Mobile devices are becoming the new primary design point for end-user access and users are demanding experiences in the enterprise that mirror their consumer experiences so how can organizations keep pace with demand?

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The enterprise is undertaking a digital transformation and moving from the office, and office hours, to anytime and anywhere working. Mobile devices are becoming the new primary design point for end-user access and users are demanding experiences in the enterprise that mirror their consumer experiences so how can organizations keep pace with demand? Unily boasts a first-class, cross channel strategy with adaptive experiences for desktop, tablet and mobile. In this article we examine five benefits that you can expect after adopting Unily as your next generation Intranet.


There has been no escaping the constant news and statistics about the mobile mega-trend that is upon us. Each year we become more reliant on our omnipresent mobile and tablet devices, however, despite this deluge of information in June 2015 Gartner reported that demand for enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one. Gartner forecasts mobile phone sales will reach 2.1 billion units by 2019, which will fuel demand for apps in the enterprise that meet the high performance and usability of consumer app. They report that by the end of 2017, market demand for mobile apps will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations' capacity to deliver them. They report that in spite of this a significant number of enterprise organizations have not released any mobile apps at all.

Five things you can do with the Unily mobile app

#1. Keep up-to-date with corporate communications

Internal communications are vital for employee engagement and Unily allows news articles, and stories from senior business leaders to be shared in a highly visual and an easy to consume experience. You can connect staff with the right information when they need it through expedient and targeted internal communications, all in any language. Unily is multi-lingual and also allows for content to be translated into other languages in seconds bringing organizations closer together.

#2. Be social

Working out loud and allowing your employees to access the enterprise social network from anywhere, all without leaving your intranet app. Ask a question, respond to and help others, share the latest industry news, best practice, report wins or just seek advice via embedded native integration with Yammer. You can Like articles to highlight the most insightful content for others and comment, question and recognize good news.

#3. Get closer to your colleagues

When you need a colleagues contact details on the go or want to find out more about the new team member on your project you have everything you need at your fingertips. View employee backgrounds, check skills and see what people are working on from anywhere.

#4. Access key documents on the go

Empower staff to access everything they need while out of the office. Get quick and easy access to content when you need it, and with Office Apps on your mobile device you can edit documents too. Drill-down through workspaces, sites, libraries and views or use powerful search functions to get what you need in a snap.

#5. Access essential apps and tools

We understand that not every tool in your organization is going to reside on your Intranet portal so whether you need to access your benefits information, track expenses or access management reports, your corporate app store provides a quick access to everything you need on the road. Users can also curate their own favorites from their most frequently accessed apps to make a quick process lightning fast.


In a mobile-first world, amazing cross channel experiences are key to getting employees engaged in an intranet, regardless of the device they are using to connect. The use of technology has become a key consideration in choosing where to work. Empowering your people to work with the devices they feel make them the most productive and enabling those devices to work where they want to work can both help increase employee satisfaction and drive up productivity.

Unily is perfect for organizations that have a high number of field employees that don’t necessarily have access to a desktop device and, until now, have been disconnected from their intranet. Unily brings them back into the fold and allows them to collaborate and connect with content and people.

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