Deep dive into Unily's new document centre

We're taking a deep dive into Unily's new document experience, giving you an inside peek into it's enhanced integrations with SharePoint and OneDrive plus a brand new user interface.

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An intranet that is great from day one, until day one thousand and one

We always like to talk about how our Unily intranet platform has an evergreen roadmap of new features, but what does that mean? Well, it means our customers get a great intranet from day one, which stays great until day one thousand and one. We build new features into the product and then roll them out completely free of charge to all our customers. 

The latest brilliant addition to our already feature-rich platform is a shiny new document center… (pause for ooohs and ahhhs). Below you can get your first sneak peek at what all our customers will be taking advantage of very soon.

All new user interface

User experience is at the core of Unily intranet because we understand the importance of great user experience in driving technology adoption. The new Unily document center features an improved design as well as an even more user friendly and intuitive navigation and search area.

Views and storage locations 

If you are currently using Office 365 you are probably aware that you can store documents in a number of locations including in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. You may also note that you can get a tailored view of documents most relevant to you through Delve. In the new Unily Document Centre, each of these options now have their own tab and separate view. Users are able to quickly switch between viewing their Delve experience to looking at documents stored in OneDrive for Business through a single click.

Once the user navigates to different views within the Document Centre they are able to start using simple refiners to adjust the documents that are presented to them. For instance, when viewing the Delve view, documents can be ordered by Most Recent or Most Popular. On the OneDrive for Business view documents can be refined by My Documents and Documents Shared With Me. This is making it even easier for your users to navigate the sometimes-complicated space of what documents are stored where and how are they best accessed, by collating all materials in one location.

Unily document center

Supporting our Engage users

Aside from the three Office 365 related document views mentioned above, there is one more tab titled Company Wide. Introducing the all-new ability to store files directly within your Unily intranet software! Unily’s Engage model is designed with large organizations in mind, where not every user in the organization will be licensed for Office 365. We understand that just because a user won’t derive full value from an Office 365 license, this does not mean they won’t need access to some essential documents. Unily’s new and simple file storage system will offer exactly this and is just one more way that we are continuing to invest in our Engage experience in 2017.

Searching for documents

Being able to find the right document is crucial, but being able to find the right document fast is how to maximize value. Within each of the new Unily Document Centre views there are highly powerful search and refining features for quickly finding the exact document you need when you need it. These include:

  • A search field with predictive metadata driven results. You type, the system predicts and cross-references against document metadata, storage locations, authors etc.
  • Search refiners that can refine by document tags, document date, document type etc

Document results

The Unily Document Centre still draws on design best practices delivering results in a card style rollup with core document information displayed directly on the card such as last modified by and last modified when, as well as number of views. However, with the new Unily Document Centre, we have made it even easier for users to engage with documents from directly within the intranet.

The buttons along the bottom of each document card provide interaction options for that document, including preview, download and more.

The preview button opens up the brand new Unily document preview screen that allows users to explore, download and print documents. It also provides an option for editing the document through office web applications if available.

Unily document on mobile

That wraps up our brand new documents experience. For our existing Unily customers, we can’t wait to get you started with this, we guarantee it’s going to make managing your documents a much simpler process. For non-Unily users, this should give you an insight into just how simple document management can be, despite utilizing multiple Microsoft products. Stay tuned for more deep-dives as we take you further into Unily’s new social capabilities, new Sites functionality and new Permissions!

To learn more about how Unily can support your digital workplace, arrange a demo today.

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