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How is Unily’s employee experience platform priced? Unily's employee experience platform is operated as true software as a service, with an annualized subscription cost based on the number of users accessing your portal solution. The more users of your solution, the lower the cost per user becomes. To discuss the size of your potential user base and subscription costs, get in touch.
What is the standard subscription term for Unily’s employee experience platform? Our standard subscription terms vary from 3-5 years. However, with our evergreen roadmap of innovative new features, we guarantee that after this period you won’t be left with an outdated, archaic solution. For more details please get in touch.
Is there a setup fee? Unily's employee experience platform is configured and deployed with no setup fees, regardless of the type of portal you wish to design. As part of establishing your solution, you will require some dedicated consulting time, which will vary depending on the complexity of your proposed solution and your familiarity with the technology. It is possible to purchase additional consulting time as required. If you would like to discuss typical activities associated with dedicated consulting, please get in touch.
What platform features are included with my subscription? Your subscription unlocks the full potential of the platform, including every current feature as well as any future features released as part of our innovative roadmap. To find out more about our feature roadmap, please get in touch.
Is there a discount for non-profit organisations? Unily believes in supporting the valuable work of non-profit organizations and as such we are pleased to offer exclusive non-profit discounts. To find out how this might work for your organization please get in touch.
Does Unily’s employee experience platform have optional extras? Your subscription can be further enhanced with a bespoke mobile app or through the application of dedicated hardware if desired. To discuss how this might work for you, please get in touch.


How long does it take to setup Unily's employee experience platform? If you have tight deadlines to design and deliver an amazing enterprise portal, Unily is the perfect platform for you. Built on cutting edge cloud-based technology, Unily can be deployed in a matter of weeks, and with our help, your solution could be ready to use in just 12. To discuss your project and timelines and learn how Unily can make them a reality please get in touch.
Can Unily support any type of enterprise portal? Unily's employee experience platform is comprised of a highly flexible and exceptionally powerful set of cloud technologies and services that can underpin any enterprise portal solution. Whether you are designing an intranet, extranet, customer portal or something completely unique, Unily delivers the most flexible and robust tools to meet your needs. If you would like to discuss your unique portal requirements with our expert team, please get in touch.
Can Unily support multiple brands in a single portal? Yes, Unily can support even the most complex enterprise portal requirements. If you have a business with multiple brands and identities, Unily can help bring them all to life for different users or different sites within your portal at no extra cost. If you would like to discuss how this might apply to your portal, please get in touch.
Can Unily support very large and global user bases? Unily delivers unparalleled performance and scalability, allowing it to operate seamlessly in even the most demanding circumstances. Whether your portal has 1 or 1 million users, Unily will ensure it always performs.
What hosting options are available for Unily’s employee experience platform? The standard deployment model for Unily is single instanced deployments to our dedicated architecture in Microsoft Azure. We can support additional requests such as dedicated hardware as required. If this is something you would like to discuss, please get in touch.
Can Unily be deployed on premises? No, we do not do on-premises deployments.
How secure is Unily’s employee experience platform ? Unily has been designed with enterprise-level security at the core of its infrastructure. Utilizing a single-tenanted architecture, your data is stored independently on separate SQL databases and separate Azure Storage Accounts to ensure maximum security. With the option to deploy Unily to chosen regions we can also ensure data sovereignty where required. In addition, Unily adopts internationally recognized standards for the management of Business Information Security with both ISO27001 and SOC 2 accreditation. For further information regarding data security using Unily’s employee experience platform, please get in touch.
Is Unily GDPR compliant? Yes, Unily is completely GDPR compliant and you can find out more detail about our commitment to GDPR compliance here.
Does Unily's employee experience platform require technical skills to use? Unily's employee experience platform has been optimized to deliver the very best experiences from the front line, through to your portal owners. With highly familiar and intuitive set management tools and interfaces, it will feel like second nature to manage your enterprise portal and all of its content - zero technical skills required. If you are interested in learning more about designing and managing a portal built on Unily, then please get in touch.
What can I integrate with Unily's employee experience platform? Unily has a flexible integration framework that can support many common web integration scenarios using authentication patterns such as OAuth 2. If there is a particular integration that you would like to discuss, then please get in touch.


Are there any pre-requisites for using Unily’s employee experience platform for my enterprise portal? There are absolutely no blockers between you and the very best enterprise portal platform. Not only does Unilys have no specific technical requirements, it can also help to unify your existing technology landscape through integrations, simplifying and adding even more value. To discuss how Unily’s employee experience platform can support your portal requirements, please get in touch.
Is there technical support for Unily’s employee experience platform? Unily’s employee experience platform is true software as a service and full technical support is delivered inclusive of the subscription for any portal solution. With a multi-talented support team on hand, as well as platform SLAs, you can operate your solution with total confidence that you are backed by the very best experts. To discuss how our support services let you operate with peace of mind please get in touch.
Can additional custom requirements be met by Unily’s employee experience platform? Unily offers a comprehensive developer experience, with all the tools to build out any custom requirement, delivering limitless flexibility within the platform. If your team has the skills, you can get building straight away and if not, our team of trusted developers can help you build exactly what you need. If you have a custom requirement that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.
What is the customer success programme and how will it help? Your success is our success and for that reason, we have created our Customer Success Program. It has been designed to ensure you get the very best from your platform and includes access to e-learning, best practices, early product release information and networking with other clients. You will have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager and our innovative Success Portal (built on Unily's DXP, of course!). To find out more please get in touch.
What kind of team do I need to setup, design and maintain my portal? Unily's employee experience platform is simple to set up and intuitive to manage. Deploying Unily requires one or two members of your internal IT team to complete a requirements form collaboratively with our support engineers. Beyond this first major milestone, Unily has been completely tailored to be managed by non-technical content owners and the size of your team is really dependent on the scale of your portal. To discuss your portal plans and your internal resources please get in touch.

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