Intranets. Unite, connect and enrich your business.

A good intranet should operate at the intersection of all of your enterprise technology investments. Sure, you want it to deliver on collaboration, knowledge management, communications and social functionality, but don't let your demands end there. With an intranet built on Unily’s employee experience platform, you can unify your digital landscape like never before, breaking silos and overcoming barriers to success with rich, integrated functionality accessible on any device, anywhere. Best-in-class communication, collaboration, social and knowledge management come as standard - but we're interested in giving you the flexibility to do more. Enjoy a connected, informed and engaged workforce that has everything they need to unlock their potential at their fingertips.

Content management on desktop, tablet and mobile

Amazing intranet experiences. Built on a rich feature set.

Unily has a rich out-of-the-box feature set with everything you need to design amazing experiences. Deliver a best-in-class intranet to drive greater collaboration and productivity in weeks not months with our extensive capabilities.

Engage your people with internal comms

In the modern business landscape, internal communications play an essential role in engaging employees with your business, brand and culture, as well as eliciting valuable insights through interaction. In order to do this effectively, internal comms need to be able to get the right information to the right people fast, cutting through the noise of the modern digital workplace.

Using Unily’s employee experience platform, your communicators will have instant access to a host of powerful internal communications features that transform how communications are managed and delivered. Whether you’re a team of one or one hundred, intelligent tools such as audience targeting, advanced scheduling and built-in machine translation streamline your comms efforts, making it easier than ever to connect with your users and engage them with essential corporate messaging. Social commenting and reactions woven into every single story empower your users with agency and voice, and with all this rich content and functionality available on any device, keeping users engaged and informed is only as limited as your imagination.

Enhance and enrich professional networks

Providing seamless connectivity between your people has never been more essential. Unifying your organization across timezones, dispersed factions and roles is key to unlocking untapped knowledge and growth, streamlining processes and enriching workforce culture. A Unily intranet bridges the gap between disparate employees, providing a central hub for breaking down silos, sharing best practice and participating in communities to crowdsource solutions to problems.

Unily’s employee experience platform provides your intranet with all the features needed to create a seamless and effective global network. A rich people directory connected to your HR data and supplemented by user-generated information around skills and experience provides a searchable database of enterprise-wide expertise. Underpinned by sophisticated profile features with a host of instant connection options and the ability to follow peers for up-to-the-minute insights, your users will have every bit of skill and knowledge at their fingertips.

Increase employee productivity

Giving your employees easy access the right tools to complete their work, and instant access to information in context, increases productivity and makes for faster and smarter decision making. These kinds of productivity gains are powered by great technology, and they are essential to increasing efficiencies within the modern digital workplace, helping your work smarter.

Unily’s employee experience platform boasts a number of essential features to help your business increase productivity and support your people in getting their work done. Our one-stop-shop personalized App Launchpad puts all your users’ digital tools just one click away. Where one click is one click too many, our flexible integration framework can pull information and content from any application straight into the intranet for an at-a-glance view of critical data. Smart widgets can contextually serve information to users based upon the task at hand and powerful global makes it even easier for users to find exactly what they need in seconds.

Enable greater collaboration

Encouraging cross-team collaboration is pivotal in empowering your teams to deliver exceptional projects, generate new ideas and solve challenges from around your business. Having the right digital tools in place to enable this is vital to removing physical barriers to collaboration and breaking down silos that prevent progress.

Using Unily’s employee experience platform your intranet will benefit from the latest and greatest collaboration tools in the form of sites. Manage privacy and access from the front end in seconds and invite external users to collaborate securely within your site too. Features such as private social channels, secure document libraries and pre-provisioned integrations with third-party applications mean that your collaboration sites are ready to start adding value as soon as you need them.

Innovate, generate knowledge and share

How you create, curate and share knowledge around your business is directly tied to how effective your organization is at innovating and driving best practice. The modern digital workplace should be the center of this preemptive problem solving, delivering a digital hub of information that can transform the way employees work and help them to make the most informed decisions.

Unily’s employee experience platform features various knowledge management tools to help your business unlock its true potential. A centralized document center unites your files from across numerous document management solutions, offering real-time previews, dynamic filtering and search for quick access to information within. With knowledge directories, you can build searchable digital knowledge libraries directly within the intranet for rich ideation with upvoting and commenting. Supporting fluid ideation Unily’s employee experience platform offers a rich set of social features including channels that can be used as the center of knowledge for discipline focused communities.

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