Unily V16: Analytics remaster

Fresh out the gates, V16 of Unily offered a rich suite of capabilities for the employee experience market. In this series we’re zooming in on the elements that make the latest episode of the Unily saga so impactful. In this piece, we’ll be exploring how Unily’s remastered suite of analytics is redefining actionable insights.

Get granular with an analytics refresh

The latest instalment of Unily is here to transform how you interpret your employee experience platform and optimize engagement for success. Fresh data points, comprehensive dashboards, and new visualizations offer easier navigation. In addition, our Feature Store offers a bespoke analytics experience for evergreen updates and seamless evolution over time.

Intranet Analytics

Gain insight into your users, your content, and your digital workplace. Custom and pre-configured dashboards let you drill down into the things that matter to you and benchmark your success against other enterprises.

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Driving the insights that matter, fast

We understand that access requirements vary across the business, and after several focus groups with feedback from customers, we’ve redesigned our analytics suite to provide the highly visual, comprehensive, and intuitive experience our customers expect in the modern era.

Our new dashboards can fully reflect each organizational structure with advanced metadata filtering for easier interpretation. New visualizations offer novel ways to stitch together data points such as associated social activity, driving further insights.

A bespoke experience that fits like a glove

All new dashboards will be delivered by our Feature Store, giving you total control to install only the dashboards that you need and want to use. This provides a bespoke analytics experience, eliminating the noise of the features you don’t need.

The Feature Store model is entirely self-serve, so you can decide when you want to install new dashboards, without the need for any platform downtime. These evergreen updates will enable dashboards to evolve seamlessly over time, and we’ll even be able to iterate on a regular basis off the back of customer requests or feedback. 

Under the hood across your platform and sites

New site-level analytics offer a key boost to our measurement capability. With these, site owners will have increased oversight of granular shifts in engagement or periodic trends, empowering them to better understand where content is falling short, and where they could be maximizing the opportunities to make an impact. Greater visibility in clicks, traffic, trends, or views in an aggregated format enables site owners to flex approach as needed and optimize content performance. 

Driving comms insights that matter

An inability to measure employee sentiment to identify and address concerns has been a troublesome pain point for some time. Internal comms people also need actionable employee feedback to shape their IC strategies, and they need granular metrics to prove the value of the intranet to leadership and beyond.

With Unily’s content and site performance reporting, insights are made quick and simple across visually engaging dashboards. This will provide comprehensive success measurement so every comms person can arm themselves with the data that moves the needle and demonstrates that all important value.

From a strategic perspective, remaining agile and adapting your approach to comms over time can be a challenge. With our highly visual, actionable insights across user behaviour – from social interactions to content views – it’s easier to inform your decision-making and pivot to success.

Enterprise can be complex and no matter how heavily matrixed your organization is, you should be getting analytics dashboards that truly reflect your business. With custom refiners and granular insights mirroring your specific structure, you can easily interpret metrics that simply make sense.

Surfacing the data underpinning your people

Clarity of comms, inconsistent behaviors across the business, and retention of talent are some of the key things your HR function are getting after.

If HR teams can’t understand what employees want, however, they’re going to have a hard time responding to their needs. Luckily, with our remastered analytics, you can track trending data and understand your people in real-time so you can optimize your content.

Engagement with key HR initiatives is a lingering issue especially when you have a time-poor workforce. Actionable insights across your HR content allow you to slice insights however you need and make data-informed decisions to optimize engagement with HR content.

Digging into the tech stack

In the modern age, employees expect a highly personalized, consumer-grade user experience, and a flawless search. Doesn’t seem like much, but we know it’s a lot to ask for. Another key challenge in the information age is keeping your enterprise data safe and secure from bad actors.

With our remastered analytics dashboards you could boost compliance with IT and data initiatives. Collate, export, or download insights directly from our dashboards and feed them into third-party tooling. Drive data-led decision making and ensure IT content is meeting the needs of employees so they’re more likely to engage. Winners all round.

High help desk traffic is something every IT team wants to get a handle on. With our remastered analytics dashboards, your employees can more easily self-serve and customize the data to suit their needs. In turn, this will lead to decreased traffic at your helpdesk around analytics and reporting.

A Digital Transformation Manager’s dream

Whether thinking strategically or getting tactical, every digital transformation manager or intranet lead cares about a sense of community, proper governance, and a cohesive architecture across the employee experience landscape.

Unily’s newly remastered analytics suite boasts detailed and highly configurable site-level dashboards with usage patterns and trends. This will equip every digital practitioner with the tools to make data-informed decisions and broaden platform adoption across the business.

The ability to easily replicate quality experiences across the platform with analytics tooling will also pack a punch. Why not highlight centers of excellence and better meet high employee expectations around their tech stack?

Insight-driven decision-making will help you optimize your platform’s governance, drive that all-important sense of community, and unify your information architecture.

Actionable insights for sky-high engagement

Whether you’re looking to optimize your site content or better understand how your platform is being used, Unily’s remastered analytics offers a rich suite of tooling to get granular.

Watch our V16 launch webinar on-demand to find out more about this exciting release, and how you could make it real in your world.


Unily V16 launch: Trajectory for the future

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Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

As part of the Product Marketing team, Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. Learn More

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