Unily V16: AI for the employee experience era

Unily recently launched the latest instalment in its market-leading employee experience product. Join us on this series to lift the lid on the exciting components that made this release so special. In this piece, we’ll be exploring how Unily’s dedicated AI innovation is redefining publishing ambition.


V16 packs an AI punch

Unily’s latest version truly embraces the future by embracing rapid adoption of AI across industry. Transforming engagement with innovation at its core, V16 offers intuitive and cutting-edge features. Incorporating AI into both the creation of content and the optimized consumption of it, this development elevates the publishing experience and enables adoption of the initiatives that matter across the business.

AI powered intranet

From generative content to enhanced translation and video capability, Unily brings employee experience into the world of AI.

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AI Publishing Assistant

Any comms-person will tell you, working to engage audiences of a thousand, ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand around a collective vision is no mean feat. If that doesn’t sound like a meaty enough task, the global comms team in an enterprise may also be responsible for fielding and prioritizing the comms of various functional, sub-brand, or regional teams around the business. Those requests can come in thick and fast.

The ability of generative AI to turn the mere kernel of an idea into a fully-fledged news article, knowledge piece, or leadership announcement.

With Unily’s new AI Publishing Assistant, the power is put into any communicator’s hand, elevating content with smarter comms creation. Now, you’ll be able to tap into global knowledge networks, to conjure rich stories at scale. You can craft flawless narrative to resonate for any context. You’ll even be able to finesse tone, formality, and length with our intelligent refiners, and fine-tune every story by summarizing, simplifying, or improving for optimal impact.

But that’s not all. The AI Publishing Assistant has the perfect companion this release, so both upstream and downstream communications are set up for success.

AI Summarization

From boots on the factory floor to c-suite in the boardroom, employees with busy diaries are often too time-poor to catch the messaging that matters. However, this is no minor problem for enterprise. This lost content consumption is harming engagement levels, decreasing adoption of key initiatives, and fanning the flames of an already swelling retention problem across many workforces. Perhaps most importantly, all of this has negative consequences for the financial health of a business – as employee engagement and commercial success in the market are intrinsically linked.

With Unily’s new AI Summarization feature, you’ll be able to condense lengthy articles, knowledge, or campaign content into concise and coherent summaries which retain the salient points and essential meaning. These snappy digests ensure time-poor workers can understand the essence of any material in a flash. Driving consumption of enterprise comms and offering a real-world enabler of engagement, this is sure to be a gamechanger for employee experience.

Lightening a comms-person’s load

With challenges such as low engagement due to hybrid and remote work, getting scalable and timely comms out to your people, and disseminating knowledge efficiently across the business, internal comms are experiencing a wide range of pain points around employee engagement.

We know that low levels of content consumption are driving a less aligned business, so we’ve launched our AI summarization feature to ensure time-poor employees can get instant summaries to stay informed and empower knowledgeable decision-making.

It's no secret that comms resources are also stretched with diminishing budgets. If teams are creating targeted local news, AI fine-tuning and self-serve comms support will offer them a ‘teach a man to fish’ approach’. This will empower teams across the business whilst reducing the reliance on comms teams.

It can be difficult to find subject matter experts in the business to support on your requirements. That’s why Unily’s AI Publishing Assistant draws on an extensive global knowledge network across a wealth of topics, so you can focus on timely relevant comms.

Elevating HR teams in putting people first

Retention, knowledge sharing, and engagement are all common issues for human resources teams too. With our AI Publishing Assistant, HR teams will be able to quickly generate high-quality content at scale, combatting compliance issues and improving engagement with the initiatives that matter.

Whether you’re operating at a strategic or functional level in HR, engaging a varied workforce in key HR policies can be a real challenge. With AI Summarization, your people can quickly consume the content that matters so they’re empowered with insight no matter how they work.

This means your people will be more engaged with key HR initiatives, more active participants at every stage of their employee lifecycle, and less likely to jump ship to another company.

Keeping your IT team ahead of emerging technology

Fragmented applications and disparate point solutions, lost productivity, and poor tech adoption are some of the challenges that make a Chief Information Officer groan.

It people know that cutting-edge technology must be balanced with data protection standards for true success. That’s why Unily puts security at the heard of our AI Innovation. Both AI Summarization and AI Publishing Assistant ensure your people’s data and company information are kept safe and secure.

In 2023, your people have high expectations of their technology experience. Consumer-grade tooling is expected as standard, and with emerging AI tooling, Unily keeps every IT function ahead of the curve. Our AI solutions are cornerstones of your modern digital workplace, taking the pressure off your teams to figure out which cutting-edge tech should join your business next.

Finally, a more engaged and informed workforce that’s better equipped to self-serve will help alleviate the sort of high-help desk traffic that distracts from your more important initiatives.

A Digital Transformation Manager’s dream

We know every intranet manager or digital transformation lead needs to capitalize on the latest tech to drive business outcomes. We’ve interpreted the wonderful value of AI so you don’t have to, with our modern AI tooling being automatically integrated into critical systems. This will save you valuable time on the hunt, and supports for varied ways of working across the business driving higher employee satisfaction.

Inconsistency in the quality of content across your AI intranet reduces both trust and engagement. Our AI Publishing Assistant is here to raise the bar, driving increased adoption across the employee experience platform and fuelling happier employees.

Leading AI experiences for leading employee experience

Whether you’re looking to align your people around a new cultural values campaign or engage your workforce with a new support portal, enabling your employees with an informative brand hub or driving simplicity through your newsroom, our market-leading AI features are here to give you the edge.

Watch our V16 launch webinar on-demand to find out more about this exciting release, and how you could make it real in your world.


Unily V16 launch: Trajectory for the future

The launchpad is heating up for Unily's upcoming version release, where we'll be unlocking our newest innovations for the employee experience era. Hear from our product innovation team as they lift the lid on the latest and greatest AI capability, analytics excellence, and exciting improvements fit for the future. Discover the power of AI content creation, intelligent summaries, and reimagined analytics.

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