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Download ClearBox’s 2023 intranet and employee experience platforms report for a comprehensive comparison of top intranet and employee experience providers and independent advice on how to select the right solution for your business.

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ClearBox's annual report provides enterprises with comprehensive guidance on the intranet and employee experience platform marketplace, helping them to decide which intranet product is right for their business. The report compares more than 30 platforms and vendors, offering a partisan view of the best products on the market. 

Unily highlights

Selected as Clearbox Consulting's Intranet of Choice for Internal Communication, Unily features as a market-leading employee experience platform. Some key takeaways include: 

  • Unily is a “top tier product" and “represents great value for a well-integrated suite of capabilities.” 
  • “It creates attractive, easy-to-use intranets that meet the needs of complex global organisations thanks to its sophisticated communication, branding and administration capabilities.” 
  • “The capabilities are extensive within the Unily platform, being able to automate activities including branding (theme) changes, content publishing, and notifications (intranet, app, email, MS Teams etc) based on a sequenced timeline, and targeted to defined audiences.” 
  • “Unily has a richly featured communication planning calendar that gives detailed oversight of all scheduled activities in the CMS.” 
  • “The attention to design and clarity of interface extends backstage too. Unily has among the most powerful admin interfaces we’ve seen.” 
  • “An effective mobile app also extends intranet access for organisations that need to reach employees away from desktops.” 

"Unily provides an engaging employee experience with powerful publishing wrapped up in a simple package that’s a delight to use."


Who is this report for?

This report will be of value to Internal Comms, HR, and IT leaders, and anyone invested in providing outstanding digital employee experience at their enterprise. Those seeking to purchase a new intranet or employee experience platform product will benefit from both guidance and comprehensive comparisons of leading vendors. For those already working with a current vendor, the report will provide insights into the latest innovations in the space, helping you to keep your fingers on the pulse in the fast-changing world of enterprise technology evolution.

About ClearBox

ClearBox is a specialist independent consultancy that can help make the workplace a better and more productive experience. The consultancy’s goal is to help organizations collaborate and communicate more effectively. ClearBox specializes in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social networks, enterprise mobile strategies, and real-time collaboration tools.

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