Top 5 Unily features to share knowledge across your organization

Knowledge is power. Every organization, no matter how big or small, is the sum of their collective wisdom. How that knowledge is captured, shared, and stored is an invaluable ingredient for success. Empower your people with the right tools to quickly access the most precious asset your business has.

Unily knowledge features

Putting the power of knowledge in the hands of your people

Employees detest endlessly searching for a resolution to their knowledge need. When poorly managed, this is a tedious and often repetitive task that costs too many priceless minutes of your people’s time. It also has a habit of raising many people’s blood pressure in the process.

Intentional, organized knowledge management with interconnected, trusted systems can improve productivity, inform efficient decision-making, and banish frustration for good.

At Unily, we know centralized, accessible expertise is the only antidote to knowledge management mayhem. Time to bring all that important material together. We’ve put together a winning line-up of five Unily features to champion knowledge across your workplace. If you’re looking to give your organizational wisdom the edge, this is a great place to start.


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#1. Intelligent, Unified Search 

Arguably the backbone of any employee experience platform, employees expect an exceptional search experience as standard. It should deliver swift, precise, and reliable results. Without this pivotal component, productivity will slip as your people lose faith in depending on your search bar for answers.

Dissolving digital friction is another search superpower that can optimize knowledge management. If your employees must toggle between various sources of knowledge instead of a single, centralized location, they will become overwhelmed and frustrated with the unnecessary effort. As Gartner states, “More than two-thirds of employees experience significant digital friction at work.”

Employee using his company's digital workplace search experience


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With Unily’s intelligent, unified search you can coalesce all knowledge bases under a powerful search engine, drawing on all your repositories in a single place, and surfacing exactly what your people need.

Contextual filters and refiners allow you to further narrow-down search results. Fuzzy matching and relevancy settings further maximize search effectiveness to shine a light on the right knowledge and expertise, making sure your people never miss a beat.


#2. People Directory

Knowledge is more transferrable than we tend to think, and lessons can often be applied between areas of practice that couldn’t seem further apart at first glance. Connecting your people with internal experts can disperse knowledge across your organization to where it’s needed most.

Empowering your people to understand ‘who’s who’ across the organization may even help your people forge unlikely but assiduous connections. Why shouldn’t the finance team learn a new approach to project management from the product engineering team? Wouldn’t it be a shame if the procurement team couldn’t spread a success story that might be useful for the marketing team to apply within their own remit?


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Wonderful opportunities to capitalize on existing knowledge could be uncovered if we decide to look outside our ‘lane’ for inspiration. An accessible people directory also helps networks within the business sync up, and work in harmony towards a common goal as an organization.

A well-informed and reliable people directory is also a key tenant of any good onboarding experience as new joiners seek to understand the existing skillsets, contact details, or experience within their team and across adjacent teams.

With Unily’s searchable people directory, you can facilitate these connections and new ways of thinking. Connect people to each other with filtered search results by department, location, experience, and skillset. This intuitive feature will allow your people to easily locate expertise in the business so they can find the right solutions, faster.

People directory

#3. FAQs

Answering the same questions time after time can drain productivity and overwhelm your people with manually intensive duplicative effort. By leveraging frequently asked questions functionality across your employee experience platform, you can provide searchable, navigable content – giving your people the agency to solve their own queries.

Well-presented FAQs can also provide your people with the confidence to know that the answers they’ve found are trustworthy. With Unily’s FAQ functionality, you can curate content logically across the employee experience platform. This highly visual approach will ensure your people can get an at-a-glance view of content by theme, topic, business function, or team – enabling faster, more informed decision-making.


#4. Social

Having a socially enabled employee experience platform can fuel a culture of knowledge sharing and community building around new ideas. With Unily’s social channels you can generate enterprise-wide discussions and stimulate new ways of thinking across teams.

Social features let your people share their wisdom in an informal, easily accessible way that truly gives everyone across the business a voice. Foster collaboration with user-generated content by encouraging your people to blog, share insights, and take a more active role in setting the agenda. Intuitive front-end content creation also democratizes knowledge sharing, sparking conversation at every level of the company.

With Unily’s social ideation capability, you can provide your people with a way to submit new ideas for the collective direction, products, or services.

Inbuilt social features such as upvoting, commenting, leaderboards, and kudos recognition also give a clear picture of what’s hot.

Social feed

#5. Integration

Long gone are the days of hunting down scattered, fragmented titbits of knowledge across a plethora of platforms. Unily’s single-pane-of-glass experience eliminates digital friction by integrating a full suite of applications, so your people will never have to switch across windows again.

Colorful light swirl symbolizing a united tech stack


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By bringing together all content, information, knowledge, and tools, Unily simplifies the process of finding the right answer. Our plug-and-play installation ensures seamless integration to the tools you use every day. Unily integrates with the full Microsoft 365 stack, Google workspace, SharePoint, and much more – ensuring your knowledge management leaves no stone unturned.

Integrated information sharing ensures your people can stay in the groove of a workflow, without the disruption of disjointed knowledge sources.

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A wise culture of knowledge sharing

With Unily’s employee experience platform, you can empower your people to share ideas and knowledge at ease, without leaving the zone. Our human-centric features can help you scale a culture of wisdom and openness of thought across every element of your organization.

Insights generated across the business should be easy to find, store, and share. Your employees should feel that they have everything at their fingertips to stay informed and collaborate with their colleagues on a wealth of ideas.

Connect your people to the power of knowledge today. Connect them with Unily.

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