Internal communications software features for succeeding in the hybrid workplace

Consumer-grade messaging is the future of internal communications. Hallmarks of a successful strategy include personalized content delivered via a multi-channel approach that can only be achieved with next-generation technology. Does your internal comms software provide you with the features needed to upgrade your strategy?

Employees using internal comms software on laptop whilst working remotely

Rewriting internal comms strategies for the new world of work

As the new world of work approaches, many internal communicators find themselves facing several challenges at once. First, in the aftermath of the pandemic, messaging fatigue is reaching an all-time high. Following a year in which the volume of email and instant messaging increased by 100% and 45% respectively, over 50% of employees are feeling overwhelmed.

In addition to an influx of messaging, audience members are struggling to digest the content they’re presented with. Less than half of internal comms collateral is considered easy to process. As the pace of change accelerates, both the quantity and quality of internal messaging must be reassessed to ensure employees feel empowered and informed as enterprises approach their next chapter.

Rather than relying on the same old tactics, internal comms teams need to take a page from the consumer playbook. External marketing excels at presenting customers with simple, engaging content that is targeted and delivered via a multi-channel approach. It’s time for internal comms strategies to get up to speed.


Creating consumer grade internal communications

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Leveraging internal comms software to upgrade messaging

The last year wasn’t just a busy time for internal comms teams; it was also a crucial moment in the evolution of the digital workplace. Amidst lockdowns and work-from-home orders, leaders looked to technology to keep employees connected and underpin operational continuity. As a result, nearly 70% of C-level executives have expressed greater involvement in the digital workplace since the pandemic’s onset.

This increase in visibility is good news because internal communicators will need the right technological infrastructure to give their strategies the consumer-grade revamp. As the center of the digital workplace, modern intranets have emerged as an essential tool that internal comms teams can leverage to create compelling content delivered through a multi-channel approach.

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6 internal comms software features that will be crucial for your next chapter

From social networking to email newsletter creation, intranets are packed with features that internal comms pros can utilize to overcome today’s messaging challenges. But exactly which features should you prioritize when evaluating internal communications software? While strategies will vary depending on your specific workforce, there are some features every internal communicator needs to keep on their radar, including:

#1. Social networking functionality

Connectivity is a major challenge in the hybrid era, with more than one quarter of employees experiencing isolation when working remotely. As an internal communicator, what can you do to help employees build camaraderie in the work-from-anywhere age?

Social networking functionality makes it easy to recreate office water cooler chat within your digital headquarters. Launch discussion channels so that your colleagues can connect over shared interests, encourage users to react and respond to leadership content, and give everyone a voice by leveraging your internal communications software.

Enterprise intranet social page

#2. Mobile push notifications

If you struggle to keep your deskless colleagues updated, unfortunately you’re not alone. As many as 84% of frontline workers feel like they’re not adequately informed and 50% don’t understand their enterprise’s overarching strategy.

Internal comms software gives you an opportunity to bridge these gaps by taking advantage of mobile push notifications. Since most frontline teams aren’t staring at a computer screen all day, they might miss emails or blog updates. Rather than flooding their inbox, send alerts straight to their mobile devices to make sure no one misses a beat.

Mobile intranet notification

#3. Email newsletters

Some might claim email is a dying channel, but you can’t underestimate the value of the medium. Over the last year, employees read 44% more emails and were 71% more engaged with inbox communications.

If you’re looking to craft messages that really resonate, take the same kind of targeted approach that consumer brands use when emailing their customers. An intranet with targeting capabilities will improve the relevancy of each email you send. Create sub-groups based on role or region, distribute messages to the appropriate audiences, and understand what’s working by using built-in analytics to assess your results.

Intranet email newsletter

#4. Peer to peer recognition

Your employees may not have as many chances to give their colleagues a high five or a handshake for a job well done, so why not make it possible to extend the same sentiment virtually?

Employee recognition is a win-win for your internal comms strategy because you can reward top performers while also reinforcing the behaviors and cultures that your organization values. Develop a series of badges that can be awarded to employees with niche expertise, create a Kudos leaderboard so that colleagues can see who’s earning recognition, and add a series of blog spotlights to showcase top performers across your organization.

Intranet awarding kudos

#5. Video

When it comes to getting your employees’ attention, you can’t overlook the power of video. Video experiences generate 530% more engagement via comments and reactions, which is part of the reason why so many consumer brands have been so quick to leverage the medium.

In the past, internal communicators often had difficulty utilizing video because teams lacked the digital tools needed to take full advantage of it. However, modern internal comms software makes it easy to integrate video into your approach. You can upload content directly onto your intranet and even post videos on social channels to give your colleagues more to talk about.

Intranet social video

#6. Forms and polls

The rise of the employee voice has made two-way messaging a non-negotiable component of every internal comms strategy. It’s also linked with significant enterprise-wide benefits, as employees who feel heard at work are 4.6 times more likely to be considered top performers.

When your internal comms software includes a form building feature, everyone in your organization will be able to have their say. From pulse-checks to evaluate employee engagement to a survey about your flexible working scheme, leverage forms to monitor workplace sentiment and encourage team members to share their insights.

Intranet employee experience survey

Take advantage of internal comms software to enhance your messaging

There’s no doubt that internal comms strategies need to be recalibrated to resonate in the new world of work. The right internal comms software can equip your team with the features needed to enhance your approach.

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