Engaging employees with emails and notifications through Unily's Broadcast Center

Effective communication is the cornerstone of an informed and engaged workforce. Unily’s Broadcast Center delivers a complete internal communications solution that lets you push comms across all your channels from one place, so you can spend more time creating content your employees love. 

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All your comms channels, one place: Unily’s Broadcast Center 

When you need to get messages out fast, reliably, and in front of everyone, Unily’s Broadcast Center is the place to turn. Whether it’s a new charity campaign or a critical crisis update, internal communicators can rely on Unily’s Broadcast Center to reach their people anywhere on any device. 

With the Broadcast Center, your content creators gain access to intuitive tools to build out engaging newsletters, emails and alerts. Or, they can choose from a range of pre-configured templates, even automating relevancy and targeting for each individual user.  

Unily’s Broadcast Center brings all the capabilities of specialist broadcast email building tools into one place, uniting your digital landscape and simplifying processes for your content creators. With every channel in front of you and the ability to deliver visually engaging, timely, and intelligent internal communications, the route to increased engagement starts with the Broadcast Center. 

Reach people where they work 

For years now, people have predicted “the death of email,” yet it remains a fundamental part of workplace communication. To reach everyone with corporate messages you’ve got to use every channel at your disposal to meet your users where they are, and often that starts with the inbox. 

Today though, the average employee owns and uses several devices, which presents more opportunities to prompt engagement in innovative ways. In a world where competing for attention seems like an Olympic sport, being able to deliver timely communications right to users’ inboxes and then beyond to mobile devices with native notifications has never been more valuable. With the Broadcast Center, you have access to every one of these touchpoints in one place. 

Where frontline and deskless employees are best reached on mobile with targeted push notifications, their office-based counterparts can keep informed via alerts and e-blasts. All of this reach can be tracked and measured from a central platform, allowing you to retarget communications to users that missed your message the first time, and optimize your strategy to include the right channel at the right time.  

Unily intranet Broadcast Center template

Not your average email 

The very first email was sent in 1971, and although technology has changed a lot since the ‘70s, your standard text email is still fundamentally the same as it was then. Thankfully, with the Broadcast Center building engaging and eye-catching e-blasts is made easy. Rich media and extensive branding and theming options bring emails to life, offering complete control over your communications. 

A modern, engaging email template typically requires thousands upon thousands of lines of code, especially when you are looking at emails that dynamically and automatically target specific individuals. With the Broadcast Center, a drag-and-drop process allows your users to create, schedule, automate and distribute in just minutes.  

The best part? You don’t even have to build them yourself. With dynamic pre-configured templates that automatically pull-in relevant content for your audiences – even for individual employees – content creators can automate finding relevant content from across the digital workplace to get the right information in front of your people with ease. 

Unily intranet email template in CMS

Target each individual 

It’s a simple fact of life that things tailored specifically for you is far more effective at grabbing your attention. That’s why relevant communications drive engagement, and why targeting has become the golden ticket for any enterprise communicators.  

With extremely granular targeting and personalization that takes targeting a level deeper, the Broadcast Center allows you to tailor comms to each individual, leaning on existing audience segmentation to support efficiency. Rather than simply sending out a targeted HR template to your HR audiences, you can leverage data from user profiles to send emails that automatically populate with content that the recipient is interested in. This in-turn generates higher clickthrough and higher engagement and drives your people back to your platform. 

Learn more about your people 

The best way to engage people with communications is to give them what they want. You can’t do that if you don’t know what interests your audience, so Unily’s Broadcast Center has built-in analytics dashboards to offer insight on engaging your readers. Learn what your employees care about with real-time analytics reporting that gives you an on-demand glimpse into the workforce zeitgeist. 

Measure and assess how your content is received with unified analytics that track clickthrough, forwards, and engagement, capturing all of this in one unified view of employee engagement that puts your comms in context. Unily’s audience segmentation allows for sophisticated retargeting, helping you adapt your communications to amplify engagement with specific areas of your business. 

Unily intranet Broadcast Center analytics

Frontline, deskless, remote: Reach the hard to reach 

Frontline and deskless employees are typically the hardest demographic to consistently reach, engage, and keep informed with communications. An MIT study discovered that 84% of frontline workers feel they’re not kept properly informed and a startling 1 in every 2 feel they don’t understand the overall strategy of the company. So how does the Broadcast Center solve such a ubiquitous enterprise challenge? 

Just as you need to reach people where they work, you also need to reach them where they don’t. Work inboxes often go unsupervised out of business hours, so any time-critical comms often falls on deaf ears. Send native push notifications directly to users mobile’s so your message can’t be ignored, or deliver mandatory reading alerts and track who has or hasn’t read your new policies. Going to where your people are – so for frontline and deskless employees that means mobile devices, tablets, or kiosks – helps you cut through noise and get information in front of people when it counts.  

Mobile intranet push notification

Drive people to your comms hub 

Every time someone lands on your intranet, there is opportunity there for them to engage with what’s going on across your enterprise and connect with your organization. Once you are making use of every channel to reach people where they work, you can also leverage the Broadcast Center to drive users back to your digital hub where further serendipitous discovery can occur.  

The Broadcast Center includes several intelligent email templates out-of-the-box that dynamically pull relevant and targeted content from your intranet content tree and place them within your comms. This kind of dynamic connection to content is a huge timesaver for content creators, as it eliminates the need to write out titles, copy over images and descriptions, or provide hyperlinks - it's all there for you already to pick from.  

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Advanced security keeps information secure 

Thanks to Unily’s out-of-the-box advanced security model, which uses role-based permissions, various levels of user access make it easy to manage what your people can do with the Broadcast Center.  

Eliminate email overload with granular control over user access, while still distributing the ability to create beautiful emails across your workforce. Any user can be given permission to create and send emails, but you may want to reduce email churn and restrict the audiences they can send to, such as excluding leadership audiences. 

This control also applies to the content your people are creating. For example, if you have multiple users creating within the Broadcast Center and senior management create an 'Annual Business Results' email, they may wish to build it in advance of the send date, but will not want anyone to see the content beforehand. By applying Unily’s advanced security settings you can ensure only specific people will be able to access each repository. 


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Consolidate your technology 

With all this native functionality included within your centralized employee experience platform, one of the primary benefits of leveraging the Broadcast Center comes from the ability to decommsion duplicate specialist tools. 

Software that specializes in email and comms building tools, like Poppulo or Confluence, contribute an additional layer of complexity to an already overcomplicated digital landscape, as well as adding another subscription cost to be paid.  

The Broadcast Center offers the power of these specialist tools within a central communications hub, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and power paired with an intuitive, easy to use communications builder. 

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