4 times your digital workplace has kept you out of trouble

A modern intranet can go beyond just serving your core business objectives; it can create a fail safe for many of the difficult, unwanted situations that burden us in our everyday working lives. Here are four common workplace examples of how an intranet can help you stay out of trouble:

Colleagues accessing a Unily intranet through a mobile device

#1. Your intranet will always be your back up

It’s the day before the presentation of your life; your slides look perfect and you are set to impress. The next morning you’re up bright and early to make a few final changes, only to realize your computer has had a complete meltdown overnight. Your documents, including your presentation, have been wiped clean from your company laptop. In the midst of scrambling for thought and onset panic, a sudden realization offers calming salvation…

Every document has been backed-up to your intranet via OneDrive for Business, accessible from your phone or any internet enabled device. Simply log-on to your intranet and find all your documents securely stored in the Cloud. You can even send a link granting your colleague permission to make those critical last minute edits. Panic over – but you might need a new laptop.

Intranet -1

Self-destructing computer – 0

#2. Everything you need, on the go

Ever been to dinner with your biggest client and been hit with the “How much did we spend last year?” question? A question you would normally be able to answer without a moment’s hesitation, but after three glasses of wine, it would be like trying to remember what colour socks you wore three Tuesdays ago (impressive if you can). Lucky for you, your mobile responsive intranet offers quick access to a wealth of knowledge directly from your mobile device. Simply fire up the mobile app and access your document storage and emails, anywhere you go. With Unily’s dedicated employee app, you can access your content through an engaging user-friendly interface.

Intranet- 2

Your biggest client asking difficult questions over three glasses of wine – 0

#3. An employee directory at your fingertips

You’ve been asked to speak to the new Senior Manager in Finance. You see them stroll past your desk, as you reach for their attention you stop with the sudden realization that you don’t know their name! Thinking back to a hopeless recollection of when you had been introduced 3 weeks ago, your thoughts in this case are useless.

To avoid an embarrassing first impression, you turn to your intranet’s employee directory, which intelligently contains details of every employee through an active directory. Unily’s employee directory allows you to search by Name, Department, Job Function, Title, Location or a combination direct from your intranet platform. Search using the keyword ‘Finance’ to return a list of employees who work in the department as well as detailed profile information, helping you out when your brain has gone blank. Unily’s deep integration with Skype for Business even allows you to send messages directly to colleagues within your intranet platform…and you didn’t even have to leave your desk.

Intranet- 3

Having to remember everyone’s name in a globally dispersed organization with thousands of employees – 0

#4. Access to expert knowledge, company-wide

Having to deal with people leaving, holidays and sick days are all part and parcel of a modern workplace. Absences, especially when unexpected, can lead to disruption and poor productivity where employees are often left scrambling for specific documents and trying to fill inevitable knowledge gaps.

By incorporating an Enterprise Social Network to your intranet such as Yammer or Unily social, you allow a channel for your employees to share information company-wide, or within specific groups. Furthermore, Unily’s document storage allows users to share and work on documents at the same time using SharePoint and OneDrive for Business integration. By sharing industry best practice, knowledge and documents, you avoid information being trapped and siloed within individuals, empowering your workforce with the knowledge and tools they need to get the job done.

Intranet – 4

Scrambling for information while your colleagues are on holiday– 0

Get in touch to learn how a Unily intranet can help your organization overcome workplace challenges while giving your employees a single solution to access all the tools and apps they need each day.

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