Beyond the hype: AI and the digital workplace

Will AI take over your job? Or is it changing the fundamental nature of the digital workplace? Together with AI experts from Microsoft and ClearBox's Sam Marshall, Unily aims to dispel popular myths surrounding AI in the digital workplace and bring you real-world examples of how you can employ AI technologies in your digital workplace.

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Searches for AI technologies are high, with companies everywhere believing that AI-powered tools are the difference-makers. AI is everywhere, from your video streaming service to your car navigation, but what is true AI, automation, or mere hype?

Unily has partnered with Sam Marshall, from ClearBox Consulting and Microsoft AI experts, including Michael Wignall, the Azure Business Group Director, and Andrew Bentley, Director ISV & AI, to look beyond the hype and showcase successful AI-powered technologies and solutions in the digital workplace today. The centerpiece of this guide is an approach that you can use to develop your own digital workplace AI strategy.

This guide will:

  • Define AI and precisely what people mean when searching for AI-powered tools
  • Investigate the development of AI by looking at the early and mid to present-day history of AI
  • Dispel popular myths surrounding AI by grounding them in the current state of AI development
  • Showcase popular AI-powered digital workplace tools currently available on the market
  • Offer Unily’s top focus areas for the digital workplace
  • Highlight the importance of ethics in advancing AI technologies
  • Propose a new way of looking at working relationships between AI and humans going forward
  • Put forward five easy steps that you can follow to develop your own digital workplace AI strategy

Who will benefit from reading this guide?

This guide is for anyone looking to adopt AI technologies in their digital workplace while seeking to discover real-world solutions and applications. Examples include digital transformation managers, internal communicators, IT managers, and developers, as well as business leaders and strategists.

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