How to create an intranet business case that wins leadership support

L'Oréal reveals how they created a compelling intranet business case that wins leadership support. Learn the key questions you must ask when creating your business case.

Creating an intranet business case

Creating a compelling business case to demonstrate the value of a new platform to stakeholders and leadership teams can be one of the most challenging parts of your digital workplace journey.

Watch our webinar, hosted by leading technology publication CMSWire, as we talk to L'Oréal's Internal Communications team to get some first-hand advice on creating a compelling intranet business case.

What we cover 

  • Strategic alignment: Aligning your intranet business case with wider business goals
  • Defining requirements: Gathering requirements from across the business
  • Change management: Preparing your organization for a new intranet
  • Case study: Learn the dos and don'ts of creating an intranet business case from businesses who have succeeded

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