Engage employees with marketing-grade automation

Engage employees like customers. Plan, schedule, and automate marketing-grade campaigns for internal comms. Unite your channels, extend your reach, and create campaigns that take your message further.

Reward automation

Plan your campaign timeline

Meaningful engagement builds over time. Use an intuitive campaign builder to structure content into coherent campaigns that maximize the impact of your message. Schedule actions across channels and craft intelligent workflows that trigger responses based on audience behavior for ultimate personalization.

Internal communications tool

Enable omnichannel experiences

Meet employees where they are with omnichannel experiences that leverage every channel to maximize campaign effectiveness. Map content across all your channels from one, central hub to reach every user no matter where they are or how they prefer to engage.

Targeting content to audiences

Set content goals

Make tracking campaign success a breeze by setting goals at the outset that can be tracked throughout the duration of your campaign. Whether it's upping event attendance or increasing engagement with company townhalls, lay out your intentions at the start to prime your campaign for success.

Sharing news on intranet

Track success and uncover insights

Analyzing the effectiveness of a campaign is about a lot more than counting views and likes. With campaign analytics, you can not only analyze the characteristics of your most or least engaged consumers, you can also identify the channels and actions that were most effective in driving the completion of your goals.

Supercharge your internal communications guide flat pages

How to supercharge your internal comms

Clients. Level up employee experience with Unily.

The platform trusted by the largest workforces to deliver world-class employee experience.

dormakaba's award-winning intranet story is an amazing example of what is possible with Out-of-the-Box intranet solutions. In just 6 weeks, the security giant was able to launch a feature-rich social intranet that was ready to support 16,000 global employees through a period of extreme change brought about by a historic merger.

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dormakaba homepage on mobile phone

As part of a wider vision for digital transformation, leading recruitment brand The Adecco Group, embarked on a mission to transform the working habits of its 9,000-strong workforce with a digital workplace that could reinvent communication, collaboration. and productivity in the workplace.

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Adecco homepage on mobile phone

Oil and gas giant Shell required a solution to power engagement and productivity across their 135,000 global employees. As the sixth-largest company in the world, the solution needed to reflect the utmost quality in terms of design and delivery.

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Shell intranet on mobile
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