Intranet trends 2022

To kick off 2022, our experts share their insights on the forces, changes, and trends that they see shaping intranets, workplace transformation, and employee experience in 2022.

What’s new in the world of intranets?

How are intranets evolving to support enterprises as they take on the challenges of hybrid work? What innovations are driving the employee experience in 2022? 

In our latest podcast episode Matt, Glen, Leslie, Chavaz and Carrie come together to reflect, predict and share their insights on the year to come, including:

  • Why the employee voice is going to become central in 2022
  • How to encourage employees to be confident when communicating on the intranet
  • The impact of remote work on the employee experience
  • How DEI has accelerated in progress and will become more prominent 
  • Why artificial intelligence and machine learning are more than just buzzwords 
  • The battleground for top talent, and how organizations should be focusing on consumer-grade comms

So what's changing for 2022? Join us to learn more about how you can plan and prepare for the upcoming year with the latest intranet trends and insights. 

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