What is an employee portal?

Promoting a great employee experience within your company starts with giving employees quick, easy, and straightforward access to company information. An employee portal provides this in abundance. It’s a one-stop shop for everything your employees need to do their job well.

In its most basic sense, an employee portal will lead to intranet software as an invaluable knowledge management solution that can be tapped into whenever necessary, ensuring your employees can always find the information they need. The best part? According to a study published in Health Science Reports, there are significant positive relationships between job satisfaction and knowledge management processes. The best examples of employee portals will lead to Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs), which go further than being simply a collection of information and actively engage employees through marketing-grade campaign functions and other innovative capabilities.

But what is an employee portal? Why are they so useful for your enterprise? Are there any benefits of an employee portal? Let's find out.

Defining an employee portal

An employee portal isn't just a webpage or an app; it's a digital key to a more streamlined and engaging work experience. It serves as a pivotal tool in the modern digital workplace, transforming the way employees interact with company information and processes. Essentially, it’s a web-based platform designed to simplify access to crucial company information like human resources services, critical communications, company policies, sales data, collaboration tools, and so much more.

An employee portal should be easily accessible to everyone, from frontline workers relying on mobile phones and digital signage to those in the office or working from home on desktop devices. It should be a comprehensive online space that empowers employees by allowing them to update personal details, check payroll and benefits, dive into training and development materials, stay in the loop with company news, and more — all from one centralized location.

Its primary aim is to significantly boost employee satisfaction, alignment, and productivity by providing a convenient and efficient way to engage with company information and resources.

What is a resource portal?

Asking the questions “What is an employee self service portal?” and “What is a resource portal?” will often get you the same result because they are essentially the same thing. However, a resource portal is also regarded as the specific part of the employee portal where employees can access various resources. These might include documents, policies, training materials, and other essential resources that employees can access to aid their work, learning, and understanding of company policies and practices. This differs from an employee portal, which may also have social media features and be used to stay in regular contact with colleagues.

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What is an employee experience portal?

An employee experience portal is a comprehensive digital platform aimed at optimizing the entire employee journey within a company. While the terms can be used interchangeably, sometimes an employee portal refers specifically to a platform that focuses on providing access to company information and tools, rather than enhancing the overall work experience.

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Why use an employee portal?

An employee portal stands as the linchpin for company documents, operations, communications, and more. The benefits of an employee portal include streamlining operations and amplifying workplace engagement. By offering a unified, centralized platform, employees can easily access indispensable information that helps them execute tasks vital to their role while also remaining in contact with their colleagues and enterprise leaders.

This level of communication is vital. According to Grammarly, annually, US enterprises incur a cost of $12,506 per employee due to miscommunication. An employee portal enables better communication and collaboration, while also facilitating training and development with access to onboarding and upskilling resources at every stage of the employee journey. Additionally, it can provide real-time company news and updates, ensuring employees are always in the know. 

Unlike traditional company intranets, which may have been created in-house or on legacy software, an out-of-the-box employee portal has the potential to scale with your business. In Unily’s case, it does this by operating in the cloud, allowing employees from anywhere in the world to instantly access company information. Content auto-translation capabilities also assist with overseas expansion, allowing people of any language to engage with colleagues from around the world. 

Ultimately, these features foster a workspace where tasks flow seamlessly, further boosting productivity and satisfaction.

How do you use an employee portal in the workplace?

Using an employee portal in the workplace involves accessing the company intranet via desktop or mobile device. An employee app ensures that even those on the frontline or working remotely can swiftly access their colleagues and the essential information required for their roles. This mobile functionality not only promotes accessibility but also supports a more agile and interconnected work environment, allowing for easy communication with their office-based counterparts. It also allows those in sectors like healthcare or finance to stay up to date with the latest industry news and regulations.

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What is the objective of an employee portal?

At its core, the employee portal is all about revolutionizing how employees experience work. Serving as a user-friendly digital epicenter, it's the go-to hub that streamlines access to crucial tools, information, and resources. By empowering a seamless and efficient way for employees to handle their work tasks and interactions, this portal becomes the driving force for boosting productivity and nurturing a deeper sense of job satisfaction among the workforce.

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