How to improve employee engagement

Whether it is a question of how to keep employees engaged, or how to improve employee engagement with technology, employers should ensure elevating engagement levels is a top priority. This is especially important because, according to Gallup, employees who feel disengaged are 42% more likely to go looking for job openings elsewhere.

There are several avenues employers can explore when engaging employees in the workplace. Technology can form the foundation for multiple engagement initiatives when utilized effectively.

This type of technology is often implemented by employee experience platforms, like Unily, which are specifically designed to engage your employees. We have briefly touched on employee engagement software that can be used alongside engagement initiatives - below we dive deeper into areas enterprises can target with software and technology.


Fostering an open and collaborative culture among employees and between employees and employers relies on effective two-way communication. An open organizational environment that prioritizes clear and transparent communication channels builds trust, promotes active listening, and encourages the exchange of ideas and information.

According to Gallup, 41% of employees wished that management could be more approachable and open. Regular team meetings and town halls via communications platforms can facilitate this, ensuring employees are well-informed about company updates, goals, and expectations. Employers can incorporate employee engagement questions during these sessions to gather valuable insights and foster active participation. However, these communications must be understood by all employees. Auto-translation technology, with 1:1 content translation and localization capabilities, helps to ensure every employee can participate in the conversion.


A multi-channel communications platform primed to transform engagement and streamline processes lets you focus your time on crafting compelling content.

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Rewards and recognition

Recognizing and appreciating employees' contributions is a powerful way to cultivate a motivated and engaged workforce. Establishing a comprehensive rewards and recognition program acknowledges employees' hard work and achievements, building a culture of appreciation. According to Deloitte, engagement can be improved by 14% when employees receive recognition for their efforts. Virtual rewards, like custom badges that celebrate successes and milestones, can inspire colleagues to achieve the same, while leaderboards can give rise to a healthy level of competition.

Rewards and Recognition

Celebrate your people and encourage them to do the same with peer-to-peer recognition features that let no good deed go unnoticed and spark friendly competition.

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Fostering a collaborative work environment, with an employee engagement communication strategy, nurtures teamwork and cooperation among employees. Encouraging idea-sharing and cross-functional collaboration promotes a sense of unity and shared purpose. Collaboration software that features fully integrated social media functions can facilitate knowledge-sharing across departments, opening new avenues for employees to tackle existing challenges. Staff directories let employees know exactly who would be best suited to answer a query, ensuring no one feels isolated or afraid to ask questions.

Employee Collaboration Software

Unleash the full potential of your global workforce. Pave the way for productivity by equipping your workforce with faster access to collaboration tools. Unily delivers a single pane of glass experience that empowers everyone to work efficiently and take full advantage of your enterprise's collective insights.

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Regular and constructive feedback can be an incredibly valuable tool for nurturing both personal and professional growth. Establishing a feedback culture empowers employees to learn, improve, and excel in their roles. By providing timely and specific feedback on performance, strengths, and areas for development, organizations demonstrate their investment in their employee's success.

Creating a safe and non-judgmental environment that welcomes employee engagement questions and feedback encourages continuous learning, boosts self-confidence, and helps employees align their goals with organizational objectives. Feedback is crucial - according to Zippia, 43% of highly engaged employees receive it at least once a week.

Giving employees the chance to provide employers with transparent feedback via employee feedback software ensures they feel their organization values their ideas. For example, Unily lets employers post live polls to the company's intranet, helping employers gather insight into how they can improve aspects of their enterprise.

Employee Feedback

Expand communication, employee feedback channels, and company-wide relations with employee feedback software. Understand your employee's perspectives and gain the insights needed to create effective change, with transparent feedback. Pinpoint where improvements can be made and proactively show your employees that you recognize their concerns. Encourage everyone to contribute to the conversation with two-way internal communication software.

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The onboarding process can have a lasting impact on a new employee’s success within an organization. By providing comprehensive orientation, training, and mentorship programs, organizations ensure that new hires feel welcomed, supported, and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. Targeted, timed, and automated messaging, sent at regular intervals along your employees’ journey, makes sure their onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible. Effective onboarding not only accelerates the learning curve but also helps new employees understand the company culture, values, and expectations. By fostering a positive first impression and creating a sense of belonging, organizations lay the foundation for long-term engagement and retention.

Employee Journeys

Design and sequence intuitive, structured journeys that elevate the employee experience and enable your people at every stage of their careers. Craft coherent journeys that weave disjointed content into a seamless narrative, taking your people from where they are, to where they need to be. Be there for the moments that matter from onboarding to upskilling and use flawless targeting and enrolment capabilities to put everyone on the right page at the right time.

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