Employee communication during mergers and acquisitions

Large-scale change requires a sophisticated communications platform

Combining business entities into a single enterprise brings up several challenges. Navigate these complexities with ease using M&A communications software. Reduce employee churn and the time it takes to get employees up to date with the latest processes. Calm the inevitable culture clash and misalignment by easily scaling engagement and knowledge access. Make resource-intensive comms a thing of the past, unify brands, people, and content from once-disparate companies into a single platform that brings people, knowledge, and technology together. Ensure employee communication during mergers and acquisitions is at the forefront.


  • "By providing this new, mobile Unily intranet solution to our 44,000 colleagues, we are helping them to connect and communicate more effectively, which ultimately means a more consistent, high-quality service delivered to customers."

    Drew McMillan - Director of Colleague Communication and Engagement at British Airways
  • "People want short, quick, real-time communications. That didn't exist before, today it's instant."

    David Harrington - Vice President Internal Communications at Shell
  • "We wanted an enhanced intranet platform at Baker Hughes, which would improve our ability to communicate with our employees in real-time and in new ways. We have engaged Unily to help our employees navigate through change and drive results globally."

    Stephanie Hartgrove - VP Global Communications at Baker Hughes


Successful mergers and acquisitions require the fast and effective assimilation of unique cultures and identities. Lay the foundations for a united future with a central platform that brings people together. Engage and align employees around shared purpose and values. Amplify key messages from leaders and build trust with inbuilt feedback mechanisms. Fast track networking with social features that empower colleagues to connect over shared interests and collaborate on joint ventures.



In times of disruption, clear communication is key. Give employees a single destination for all the information they need to navigate change with confidence. Distribute consistent messaging across multiple channels with ease, leveraging integrations with Slack and Teams to meet employees where they are, or use the Broadcast Center for emails, mobile push notifications, and alerts. Use AI-powered translation services to talk to every colleague in their mother-tongue. Enable crystal clear understanding with an on-demand Change Hub that keeps all the latest updates and key resources at the fingertips of every employee.


When change is introduced steadily and strategically, it’s easier to swallow. Guide your employees through disruption with consumer-grade features designed to build engagement over time. Create structured Journeys and Campaigns that lead your employees through the M&A transition, weaving together fragmented content into a cohesive story. Use marketing-grade functionality to give your merger and acquisition communications the feel of an external campaign. Capture robust analytics that tell you how employees are responding to change and collect deep insights that help you optimize your strategy as you go.

Employee Journeys


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  • CVS
  • ELC
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  • Shell
  • Baker Hughes
  • L'Oreal
  • BestBuy
  • Adecco
  • J&J
  • Canon
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Mergers and acquisitions will impact different employees in different ways. Ensure every employee feels seen and heard with a personalized approach that uses a combination of employee and content data to keep your people updated with the information that matters most to them. Take the pain out of delivering hyper-relevant communications with a sophisticated communications platform built to handle complex enterprise needs. Segment your audience to target communications based on role, location, or other relevant characteristics, and let employees choose additional threads to follow with personalization features that cater to individual preferences.


Keeping a pulse of how your people are responding to change helps you stay ahead of potential roadblocks. Embed listening mechanisms throughout your communications with in-built forms, surveys, polls, and social features that give every employee a voice. Capture feedback with ease and show employees you care about how they feel. Understand how people are reacting to updates in real time and identify points of attrition promptly so they can be addressed before frustration sets in.

Employee Feedback


A simplified migration during M&A’s relies on legacy tools and applications integrating seamlessly. Give employees a central platform that leads them effortlessly to all the tools they need to get work done and empower them with easy-to-absorb guidance on how to get started with unfamiliar apps. Ensure knowledge doesn’t get lost by integrating myriad repositories into a single platform that lets you search across systems to access enterprise knowledge old and new in one place.

Knowledge Management Software

Mergers & Acquisitions FAQs

What does integration mean in M&A?

Integration with regard to mergers and acquisitions means combining two companies into one. This is often accomplished through the use of M&A integration software. It's the process of aligning two or more companies’ operations, systems, cultures, and strategies with the goal to work together more effectively. It also involves integrating employees after the acquisition or merger so they form one working enterprise, ensuring that both teams feel that they are an equal part of the company.

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Why do M&A integrations fail?

M&A integrations fail for various reasons, including:

  • Cultural clashes
  • Inadequate planning
  • Leadership issues
  • Resistance from employees

Success requires careful planning, clear communication, and strategic alignment among leaders, employees, and the company itself. Employee experience platforms help reduce or remove these pain points entirely, by supporting communication during mergers and acquisitions and keeping employees in the know about any upcoming changes.

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What are the problems faced by M&A integrations?

The 10 most common problems of M&A integrations include:

  1. Cultural clashes
  2. Communication breakdowns
  3. Employee uncertainty and resistance
  4. Inability to retain talent
  5. Operational disruptions
  6. Customer dissatisfaction
  7. Financial performance challenges
  8. Regulatory concerns
  9. Lack of integration planning
  10. Technology integration challenges
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How can an intranet help M&A integrations?

Intranet software can support M&A integrations by playing a critical role in supporting communication during mergers and acquisitions. They do this by serving as a centralized platform to facilitate communication, collaboration, and alignment with the new organizational structure. Intranets can also be leveraged to communicate merger updates, changes in policies, and other essential information, ensuring transparency and reducing uncertainty among employees.

Features such as forums, chat functionalities, and social collaboration tools within the platform can create a sense of community and help employees from both companies connect and collaborate seamlessly.

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