Microsoft Office 365 intranet solution. Powerful functionality in a united solution.

We understand that the Microsoft Office applications are core to many knowledge workers everyday working patterns. For this reason Unily Hub doesn’t simply integrate with them, it is part of them. From the moment your employee logs in to Unily via the Office 365 login page they will see a seamless digital workplace. From finding Office 365 files to working in Excel, Word, Skype for Business for example, this all happens inside Unily.

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The Office 365 products. In a united solution.

Unily Hub is the Intranet as a Service product that brings together Office 365 tools into a single experience. Your users don’t need to know they’re using multiple products to collaborate and communicate, helping to drive adoption. Employees work within a single unified space so they no-longer feel they are swapping between applications – they just get on and do what they need to do. It is far more efficient for them to work in this way that on an intranet that has a clunky integration with Office tools.


Access your SharePoint Sites through the customizable Workspaces menu and find and collaborate on documents from within Unily.


Catch up and interact with your key social channels directly from Unily, with commenting and sharing across communications also powered by Yammer.


Find and work on your OneDrive documents directly within Unily, making your document management seamless and simple.


Chat with colleagues using Skype for Business directly from Unily profiles, helping users to make use of the tool from a single platform.


Discover documents and people who matter most with Delve integration across the People Directory and Document Management.

Power BI

Our built-in analytics and reporting is enhanced by PowerBI, allowing you to quickly create great looking reports of your key intranet metrics.

The best of Microsoft and the rest

Having Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online as part of a Unily Intranet does not mean that it excludes seamless integration with other systems. Far from it; Unily’s technical approach gives it the greatest level of integration flexibility of any cloud intranet solution. With a single tenant within the Cloud, your Unily installation is unique to you, not only at a configuration and data-level, but in the way it is moulded around the exact needs of your organisation. From Business Intelligence Dashboards to HR workflows, they can all be included within your Unily intranet. Unily is so powerful we believe it removes the need for even the largest organisations to commission fully custom intranets.

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Get an Office 365 intranet fast

You might expect getting a fully featured, beautiful and customized intranet takes a long time. Not with Unily. The architecture and technical delivery of the Unily Intranet-as-a-Service solution allows ultra-rapid customizations and deployments. While the exact time it takes will depend on how many integrations and customizations you need, we have achieved Unily deployments from agreement to live deployment in six weeks. With Unily needing your Office 365 Intranet fast, doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality.

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Feature full. The complete digital workplace supporting the enterprise.

Unily is packed full of features beautifully designed to help you engage your global workforce. Available out-of-the-box, you can be live with cutting-edge digital workplace functionality in just weeks.


Keep everyone on your team up to date with fast and efficient internal communications.


Connect with your team quickly with a user-friendly directory search and rich profiles.


Find, collaborate and share documents intuitively with the best of Office 365 and Unily documents.


Communicate and collaborate in real time with built-in social integration right across the platform.

Broadcast Center

Keep your employees in the loop with alerts, newsletters, and push notifications.


Improve task management and deliver feedback with forms, polls, and surveys.


Discover new ways to collaborate with Tribes and Sites in addition to standard SharePoint sites.


Inform your adoption strategy and gain insight into user behavior with powerful analytics.


Simplify content creation and empower every user with an intuitive content management system.

Working with your Office 365. Discover Unily.

If you are looking for a digital workplace solution that does more than simply integrate with Office 365, but has Microsoft enterprise technology at its core, isn’t time you took Unily for a test drive? Our consultancy team can come and talk to you about your exact needs and show you a variety of different demonstration environments that will allow you to see the power of this leading enterprise intranet solution. Unily makes the Office 365 tools usable and understandable for users.

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Get a demo of the leading Office 365 intranet solution. See why enterprises everywhere use Unily to utilize the power of the Microsoft stack.

Our Clients. SMB to Fortune 100.

We’ve worked with clients across all sectors and sizes, from UK based football clubs looking to improve internal communications to multi-lingual global enterprises who rely on Unily to be the central hub of digital activity for up to 120,000 users. Dive into our customer stories and videos to learn more about our clients and the unique ways they work with our flexible product.


This much-loved chocolatier first adopted a Unily intranet in 2014 to reignite their internal brand presence and help connect disparate employees back into the organization. Since then, Godiva has seen multiple improvements and updates to their internal intranet site as part of Unily’s on-going roadmap.

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Everton FC

Supporting Everton's players on the ground is a 500 strong workforce who rely on internal cohesion to raise awareness of the brand and ensure success for the team. Everton use a Unily intranet to provide a centralized location for the latest club news and internal communications, enabling everyone from the team to interact and engage with the latest announcements through social networking.

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Everton FC

Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize relies on a business model of centralized decision making with information and instructions cascaded out to stores on a daily basis. Geographical diversity and a lack of desktops at the retail end can make communication harder than it needs to be. Watch our video as we go inside Monsoon's stunning London Headquarters as they chat about the impact Unily is having to break down communication siloes.

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Monsoon Accessorize

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