What can an intranet do

An intranet can be a marvellous thing – it can offer benefits such as helping employees become more efficient and more effective at their jobs, improving communications, creating a central hub for knowledge and tools, to name a few. But just how can an intranet achieve all of this and more?

A quality intranet can improve productivity

When employees log onto the work system, whether in the office or remotely, one of the first windows they see should be an intranet landing page. This page should give them all the apps, tools and files they need in one place to hit the ground running and work effectively from the word ‘go’. No longer will they need to rummage around in directories, an intranet will provide everything they need at their fingertips – saving them time and frustration.

The same is true with documents. A comprehensive intranet document system can enable employees to find the exact version of a document they are looking for using sophisticated, yet easy-to-use search functions.

Greater communication and collaboration

Today’s working environment often means colleagues are no longer present in the same room at the same time, but separated by large distances. This can make teamwork and face-to-face interaction difficult – unless an intranet with the latest communication and collaboration tools is available. The best tools enable staff and business partners real-time communication at the push of a button through:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Social
  • Email

Find whoever, whenever

Knowing who to contact for a particular job is simple with the right intranet directory tools. Look for ones that allow users to search for colleagues based on a variety of categories – name, department, title, expertise – and provide information about whether they can be contacted right away.

However they are contactable, being able to get in touch with them using one click needs to be a prerogative, otherwise valuable time could be wasted.

Of course, all of this is only possible if you have the right intranet solution for your organisation, otherwise it can create more issues than it solves.

Find out how a great intranet could improve your business, today. 

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