How Unily uses Unily to unite our enterprise

Have you ever wondered how Unily manages our own intranet? Now is your chance to find out. Join us for a one-time tour of RockStarrs, Unily's employee experience platform and find out how we're using our own technology to boost employee experience across our global enterprise.

How Unily uses Unily

With decades of experience delivering world-class intranet solutions for enterprises across the globe, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to engage employees with digital experiences that empower them at work.

Our own intranet, RockStarrs, is the embodiment of years of learning and development. We’ve leaned on best-practice examples from our customers, combined with our own specialist knowledge to create a platform that sets our employees and business up for success. We wanted to take this opportunity to share our platform, and what we’ve learned about optimizing intranet experiences, particularly for the hybrid era of work, with our community.

On the agenda:

Anyone involved in intranet delivery will know that there are many ways to skin a cat, but in this webinar we will demonstrate our approach to intranet best practice, giving you an exclusive look into the intranet of an intranet provider.

With the modern intranet now a critical tool in the arsenal for enterprises battling to maintain positive culture and open lines of communication in a hybrid work environment, this session will serve as inspiration for anyone seeking to enhance employee experience with a company intranet.

Hosted by our Product Evangelist, Matthew Boyd, we will look at three key ways our intranet serves our employees and business:

  • Culture and engagement
    • How we’ve adapted our intranet to reignite culture and maintain engagement for a remote, global workforce
  • Productivity and collaboration
    • How we empower our people with the tools and information to stay productive and collaborative no matter where they work
  • Knowledge and innovation
    • How we’ve created the foundations for innovation with an ideation portal and fast access to knowledge

Who should watch?

This session is appropriate for IC, IT, and HR professionals, as well as business leaders and strategists concerned with understanding the value of a modern intranet for overcoming new and existing business challenges.

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