Intranet ROI: Optimize your intranet strategy and prove business value

As we move towards a remote future of work, the modern intranet stands to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing enterprises. But with budgets tight, how can we justify increased investment in an intranet project, and what measurements can we use to prove the efficacy of our strategy?

Optimize your intranet strategy

Join Unily's Kaitlin Auriemma as she shares her years of experience implementing successful intranet projects for the world's biggest brands. Kaitlin will walk you through key areas an intranet will add business value as we tackle new challenges, giving you a collection of tools to help you measure and optimize your own intranet strategy.


  • State of play - what are we hearing from our customers about budget constraints and intranet value throughout COVID? 
  • Key areas an intranet can deliver value - including culture, collaboration, and productivity
  • Success measures - traditional and non-traditional measures for measuring the business value of your intranet
  • On-going success - using the data to optimize your future strategy

Who is this webinar for?

Watch this webinar if you're interested in enhancing your employee experience and company culture with a strategy underpinned by digital innovation. Our active community includes business leaders and executives from internal communications, HR and IT functions.

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