Cathay Pacific: Launching an award-winning mobile intranet

Built on a passion for flight and a commitment to achieving the unthinkable, Cathay Pacific has secured its status as a leading airline for more than 75 years. To connect its workforce of 26k+ employees who are mobile by design, Cathay Pacific launched a redesigned employee experience platform that has earned a spot among Nielsen Norman Group's best intranets.

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Whether they are working in the outports or serving customers in the air, the majority of Cathay Pacific's workforce is mobile by default. The enterprise sought to reinvent digital experience for their employees and create a single source of truth that could be accessed anytime and anywhere. Since more than 40% of Cathay Pacific's workforce uses their smartphone as their primary device, mobile optimization wasn't an afterthought, but rather a guiding principle for launching The Hub, their redesigned mobile intranet.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Replace legacy intranets that were out of date and no longer fit for purpose
  • Deliver a mobile-first approach to empower deskless employees
  • Foster internal collaboration and cultivate connections between employees across the globe
  • Serve the unique needs of various target audiences 

In addition to winning over Cathay Pacific's workforce, The Hub has earned worldwide recognition from the user experience experts at Nielsen Norman. Cathay Pacific's platform was selected as one of the world's ten best intranets in 2021, beating out a host of competitors in the process. 

This case study will be of particular value if you:

  • Want to see what goes into designing an award-winning intranet
  • Are interested in reaching a workforce that is predominantly mobile 
  • Wish to launch an employee experience platform to connect a global workforce
  • Are looking for insights on taking digital experience to the next level with targeting and personalization
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