Unily V14: Introducing consumer-grade comms tools

At Unily, we’re constantly making our platform better. We’re dedicated to enhancing our feature-set and elevating every experience across Unily. With V14, we have unleashed the next level in what Unily has to offer. Find out how our latest updates are bringing consumer-grade experiences to the enterprise, unlocking new levels of engagement for workforces worldwide.

Unily, designed for you by you

Our customer community plays a vital role in helping us shape and evolve our product. Key enhancements and new features are often driven by what’s hot in the world of employee engagement, but they are also heavily influenced by our wonderful ideation program and suggestions from our customers. In essence, we’re proud that Unily is shaped by its customers for its customers.

Our engineering teams have been bringing their A-game as usual, Unily V14 beckons in a rich suite of new features and enhancements. These will allow you can capture your people’s precious yet elusive attention with compelling content right within their flow of work. We can’t wait to see our customers put them into action to unite their enterprise and engage with impact.

What’s coming?

Some headline newcomers include consumer-grade popups, new social reporting and commenting capability, and the ability to leverage intuitive email templates.

We’ll also be delivering enhancements to the configurable ribbon within Unily, so you can raise customization to the next level and truly make the platform your own. V14 will also improve auto-translation within Unily, and targeting on promoted search results alongside some key UX and CMS updates. This release also squashes several pesky bugs, making important progress for our platform.


Unily V14 launch: Unleashing consumer-grade comms tools

During this event, we unwrapped everything our new version of Unily has to offer. Exciting new features and enhancements include consumer-grade pop-ups, reimagined email templates, detailed social metrics, and much more. Hear the important news so you can start unlocking the full power of Unily in your world.

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The big players


A real game-changer for our platform, consumer-grade popups will elevate our client’s communication like never before. They’re designed to capture attention within your people’s workflow to meet them wherever they are with an onscreen modal.

Whether the aim is to deliver a message, highlight a key piece of content, celebrate a milestone, or promote an informative video, you can feel confident that your content will go the distance with popups.

As part of our Engage module, this brand-new feature allows you to build and configure single or multi-page popups, target them to user groups, or layer them into a wider journey. Our feature-rich popup functionality will allow you to deliver time-relevant information with an intuitive feel and interactive options. These simple, easy-to-navigate popups are quick to configure and will give you extra power to make your content pop. 

Survey pop up

Email templates

Another key feature coming to our Engage module, is email templates. No-one wants to feel like they’re wasting time on a repetitive task for a recurrent piece of communications. With Unily’s new email templates feature, you can simply design a template once and save it for reuse over time.

Editors will be able to spin-up beautiful emails in minutes, easily customize content, and quickly send it to a saved list of users. Editors will have the option to name and save their email template alongside description and imagery so that it can be easily found again at a glance.

This new feature will save editors precious time, empower your people to elevate their email, ensure consistency across your brand, provide a professional appearance every time, and lower the upskilling barrier for new editors in your enterprise. With this exciting feature, you can keep things fresh and relevant over time. Let Unily do the work to remember where you left off so you can focus on the art of impactful email.

email templates

Social reporting and comments

With this new feature you can promote a safer, more inclusive space across your social employee experience. It will help our customers reduce manual processing of inappropriate social items and will include a supporting analytics dashboard. We’re also launching advanced security on social sections to optimize this.

Employees will have a new ‘Report’ option on social posts or comments whereby they can select a category and add supporting text to support the report. Configurable categorization will help reviewers of reports, but also simplify the process of submitting them for employees.

This popular ideation request from our customers will quickly notify reviewers to the report and details, ahead of the option to remove the post or comment and resolve any social policy violations. They’ll also be able to recover the post should it be deemed appropriate.

social reporting

That’s not all

Header and configurable ribbon

We’re improving the ability to customize the home icon in the header, workspaces, and the platform’s ribbon. This will allow you to choose display options for specific icons and links or to configure an extra workspace to display.

This popular request from our customers will enable you to hide the home icon on the header or change its icon, display five workspaces instead of four, update actionable icons in the header ribbon or hide icons in the ribbon.

Machine translation

In Version 14 we have improved the logic for machine translation so that translation will run more easily across all fields. This update will provide a better, more intuitive user experience on the platform, alongside keeping content up to date and ensuring important content does not get accidentally discarded.

Enhancements to UX and CMS components

In Version 14 we have enhanced the experience of mandatory reading content, allowing users to collapse the panel so they can read the content on various screen sizes more easily. They will also be provided with information on how many outstanding mandatory read items they have waiting for completion. Additionally, we have amended the look and feel with a more prominent background colour and an updated icon to clarify purpose.

This version will also offer the ability to target promoted search results so that employees will see promoted search results that are more relevant to them.

The user experience of the copy and move actions in the CMS are also being improved so they use the previously released content picker.

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