Unily continues to feel the love in Canada

We’ve expanded far beyond our British-born roots. With more than 3m global users, Unily has found success in territories far and wide. In Canada, we’ve been welcomed with classic Canadian warmth and our presence has expanded rapidly. With a year-to-year growth rate of 274%, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on Unily's Canadian journey, from our first Canadian client through to winning the coveted Nielsen Norman award for a Canadian project.

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Over the last year alone, many milestones have occurred that demonstrate Unily's success throughout Canada. From exciting wins for our North American clients to jam-packed events that have pulled in thought leaders and enterprise executives from across Canada, we reflect on some of our most note-worthy achievements.

"We’ve built a solid regional foundation, with no signs of slowing down. With the demand for remote working solutions at an all-time high, we look forward to working collaboratively with enterprises to maintain a positive culture and keep employees connected."

Dayna Dautner - VP Canadian Business Development at Unily

Masterclasses are a smashing success

Our popular Intranet Masterclasses have taken Canada by storm. Over 500 attendees have met us in major cities including Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto to come together to discuss how to drive employee experience with an intranet.

Audience members have walked away with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to fuel culture, build trust, and power innovative ways of working with a centralized digital workplace. Attendees have also had the opportunity to learn from the consultants who have helped the world’s biggest brands bring their EX visions to life, including McDonald’s, Shell, and L’Oréal.

Unily Canada masterclass attendees

Learning from the best with Stantec

Earlier this year, we had the chance to visit one of our esteemed Canadian clients, Stantec, in Edmonton. The enterprise has served as a pioneer within the world of design and consulting for 65 years and selected Unily back in 2018 to launch a comprehensive internal newsroom designed to connect more than 22k employees working across 35 different offices.

Stantec employees working on Stantec's Unily intranet
Case Study

Stantec builds an inspired culture with a modern internal newsroom

Stantec has served as a pioneer within the world of design and consulting for over 65 years. After a period of rapid expansion, the enterprise's internal communications team was faced with the challenge of engaging 22k employees across 35 offices. ‘The Lens’ brings the enterprise’s inspired culture to the fingertips of every employee through compelling stories that spotlight the work Stantec is doing to shape communities big and small.

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Dynacare wins big at Nielsen Norman

For the sixth time, Unily earned top honors after being recognized by Nielsen Norman Group as the co-creator of one of the world’s 10 best intranets for 2020, in collaboration with Dynacare. The Brampton-based enterprise, the third largest provider of clinical laboratory services in North America, selected Unily to spearhead the creation of a redesigned intranet in 2018.

ConneXe, the new solution, was launched to 2.9k employees in February of 2019 and received much acclaim from the start. The platform was devised to cultivate connectivity amongst Dynacare’s highly diverse workforce by bringing together a multitude of features and specialized widgets that would unite employees while simultaneously leveling up productivity on all fronts.

"As the center of the Dynacare digital workplace, ConneXe is the destination where employees can start their day and find the tools they need to provide exceptional healthcare for all patients. ConneXe is a multi-lingual intranet and built upon four key pillars—accessing knowledge, finding experts, providing a single point of access for all systems, and facilitating improved collaboration and productivity—the intranet helps employees work together to achieve the best results."

Jakob Nielsen - Principal at Nielsen Norman Group
Dynacare's intranet homepage on a tablet

New client breakthroughs

In addition to celebrating the success of our longstanding Canadian clients, we have also welcomed many new enterprises into the Unily community. Less than one year ago, Samuel, Son, & Co. selected Unily to spearhead the launch of a new intranet platform to support the organization through a period of rapid expansion and empower all 6.5k employees to raise their voice.

The Torch, Samuel’s new intranet, launched at the start of 2020 and has hit the ground running. During the month of February alone, blog content received more than 151k views, marking nearly two times the amount of views content on Samuel’s previous platform received.

Samuel Son & Co's Unily intranet homepage on a tablet

Numbers aside, The Torch has served as the impetus for Samuel’s transition to an agile culture. The platform was specifically designed to drive two-way communications, encourage every user to share their input, and offer a single pane of glass experience that would fuel inspired work.

In the words of one employee, “Being able to watch the monthly leadership huddles and having access to information updated frequently on The Torch is not only changing the way we operate but how we think. There’s been an infusion of positive energy throughout the organization and it continues to grow stronger.”

Utilize a modern intranet to secure your own regional dominance

Throughout Canada and beyond, the future looks bright for enterprises that go the extra mile to ensure employees have access to the next-generation tools needed to fuel unparalleled results. If you are interested in launching a bespoke digital workplace to maximize engagement and performance throughout your organization, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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