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Companies today require websites that are able to adapt to their visitor's needs, whether based on the device the user is browsing or targeting content based on the user's click path through the site. Content Management Systems (CMS) were created to give website owners control of their sites by giving them the ability to modify its content whenever necessary

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For modern websites, the idea of a single online experience that considers every visitor behaving the same way and viewing the exact same content is no longer valid. Prior to the existence of CMS, one would need to email a webmaster (probably someone with a lot of HTML knowledge) and ask that person to proceed with the necessary modifications and additions to the site.

Yes, a CMS gives you control over your content, however, pure content management doesn't equate to a tailored experience for your site visitors. The ability to easily modify and create new pages is definitely important, and any good CMS on the market should let you do that. But, to be able to manage the customer experience in your site you will need tools that go beyond simple content management tasks.

Customer Experience Management combines the CMS with a Digital Marketing System (DMS). A DMS is a system that allows marketers to define rules for content delivery based on a variety of different parameters. For example, different pieces of content can be delivered to visitors according to the region they are visiting from, the site that referred them to your site, their behavior on your site (definitive profiles based on pages visited, calls to action and campaigns clicked/goals achieved), etc.

We at BrightStarr have partnered with one of the best solutions for Customer Experience Management currently available in the world. ​​ Sitecore is a modern and robust platform that has both an incredibly well-developed and user-friendly Content Management System, and a complete Digital Marketing System that empowers marketers to deliver consistent messages, perform multivariate tests with components available on any page, and run online campaigns targeted to different audiences on different channels.

If you want to know more about how to have Sitecore implemented to manage your website's content and your customers' online experience please don'​t hesitate in contacting us and we will facilitate a demo of Sitecore CMS and DMS​ for you.​​​​

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