How to optimize your digital workplace to enhance employee experience

Modern, flexible environments and frustration-free interfaces are integral to the modern workplace. When enterprises take advantage of next-generation technology to underpin seamless digital experiences, employees take note. To unlock the best in employee experience, an optimized digital workplace is key.

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Improving employee experiences

Navigating multiple systems to complete one simple task is a workplace nightmare. Without the necessary apps and tools at their disposal, employees are forced to invent their own work-arounds in an attempt to make the most of insufficient resources. Over time, frustration inevitably sets in, causing workers to disengage with their day-to-day tasks and potentially search for new opportunities elsewhere.

Enterprises can avoid this unfortunate scenario by investing in their employees’ happiness and digital accessibility. Enhancing employee experience is a win on all fronts: employees will be motivated to reach peak performance, resulting in sky-high output levels, boosted retention rates, and soaring revenues.

Attracting the right talent

The secret to recruiting the best and brightest? Demonstrating that you provide the tools needed to succeed.

It’s impossible to attract and retain all-star candidates with subpar infrastructure. Instead, utilize the latest technologies in combination with comprehensive well-being initiatives to showcase your commitment to nurturing top talent.

An optimized digital workplace holds the key to luring esteemed job candidates and ensuring that these prospects become impassioned employees. Some key capabilities for attracting and retaining top talent include:

A seamless onboarding experience

Only 12% of employees strongly believe that their organization excels at onboarding, according to Gallup. Intranets can ensure that your enterprise is the exception to this rule by offering new hires centralized access to key training resources. Top employers may opt to create a designated portal that can be accessed via an email address or LinkedIn profile so that recent joiners can get familiar with introductions and protocols, even before their user credentials are sorted.

A launchpad for a compelling employer brand

Reputation counts, especially when it comes to attracting top talent. Consequently, every enterprise needs to cultivate a compelling employer brand that piques the interest of esteemed candidates. This starts by ensuring current employees are aligned with your organization’s missions and values. Carve out pathways within your digital workplace, such as blog content and email newsletters, to build your brand’s narrative and demonstrate what you stand for.

A comprehensive hub for all things wellness

The best employers look out for the needs of their workforce holistically, including their physical and mental health. Comprehensive wellbeing initiatives will lure top candidates and ensure that every employee has the support needed to thrive. Digital workplaces can bring wellbeing schemes to life by centralizing updates on new initiatives and resources and orienting like-minded employees around a common goal.

A social experience

After all your recruiting efforts, how can you keep key players engaged for the long run? According to research from Harvard Business Review, connection plays a crucial role. Digital workplace features such as discussion forums and social networking functionality can help colleagues build lasting bonds that will pave the way for improved retention rates and bolstered experiences.

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Building relationships

Collaboration is critical to unlocking your workforce’s fullest potential while simultaneously driving employee experience. Digital workplaces can put a stop segmentation and optimize knowledge sharing through the following functionalities:

User profile directories

A comprehensive user profile directory reduces the trial-and-error that frequently occurs during cross-functional collaboration. Instead, employees can pinpoint the best sources for niche expertise and efficiently get in touch with these desired collaborators.

Multi-channel communications

With many employees juggling several projects at once, the need for streamlined communications reaches a peak. Users can receive company-wide updates through public pathways while also conversing with multiple project-specific collaborators through private channels embedded on their company’s intranet.

Rewards and recognition

Digital workplaces ensure every user feels appreciated through personalized recognition features. Customizable badges can be awarded to peers who go the extra mile while shout-outs on social media help employees authentically express thanks to their colleagues.

Dedicated team sites

Bring every project collaborator together by launching a dedicated team site, complete with document libraries, social channels, and integrated apps. Creating a centralized location for group-working can keep employees aligned and optimize every user’s experience with group-working.

Share best-practices

Break down silo mentalities by sharing team breakthroughs and innovative work processes with colleagues across your organization. Spotlight revolutionary work via a blog post or email newsletter to inspire employees to adopt similar practices and boost morale.

Find out more about how a digital workplace can improve your employees’ experience

An optimized digital workplace will enhance employee experience by providing your entire workforce with the tools needed to reach peak performance and forge meaningful connections with colleagues. If you are interested in launching a bespoke solution to improve employee experience within your organization, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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