Unily sponsors the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney

ShareThePoint recently hosted their 10th consecutive Digital Workplace Conference; with this one being the biggest and most successful to date! Taking place in Sydney at the Sofitel Hotel on the 6th and 7th August 2019, Unily were delighted to attend the exciting conference, even more so as Gold sponsors. Read on to learn a little bit more about the conference.

About the Digital Workplace Conference, Sydney

During the two-day conference, there were a total of 15 exhibitors, 30 speakers, 40 insightful sessions and over 300 attendees from across Australia. A number of attendees even made a special journey over from New Zealand! Those in attendance came from various industry sectors and enterprises; keen to learn about digital workplaces and digital experience technologies.

The conference was perfectly set up to allow individuals to exchange ideas and spark discussion about how a digital workplace could benefit businesses. Alongside thought-provoking tracks that were split into three main categories; ‘Thought Leadership,’ ‘Business Productivity’ and ‘Implementation’ – there were a couple of hands-on workshops.

Attendees had the opportunity to receive unparalleled training and insight from industry experts. Workshops included ‘How to Build an Intranet and Become a Creative Digital Guru’ and ‘Office 365 End User Adoption.’

Sharing Our Enterprise Intranet Solutions with Attendees 

Ben Kelly, Sym Yeow and Anthony Woo hosted the Unily exhibition; engaging with conference attendees over the course of the two days with many interesting conversations about the world of digital workplaces and intranets taking place. A lucky attendee, Albert from 13 CABs even went home with a SONOS; as the winner of our prize draw!

We had the opportunity to share our digital experience platform with attendees through hands-on demonstrations whilst we also showcased our Flight Centre Case Study at the booth. Having this available allowed attendees to see how a successful digital workplace could transform a business’ results.

Discover how a digital workplace could enrich your enterprise by contacting our APAC team.

Future Intranet Events To Know About

Whilst the next Digital Workplace Conference hasn’t been announced (yet), Unily have a couple of upcoming intranet events taking place in Hong Kong and Sydney (date to be confirmed).

These masterclasses are designed to both inspire you and give you a wealth of knowledge on how to maximize employee engagement with an intranet - they are not to be missed!

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