Compliance made easy with Unily’s new mandatory content read feature

We're delighted to introduce the new mandatory content read feature to Unily!

As GDPR comes into effect across Europe and privacy concerns mount in the United States, ensuring your employees are compliant and informed of critical business information and processes is essential. Despite your best efforts of creating engaging communications and hammering the message home, the reality is, you can’t always be sure that everyone has consumed it. This can be a challenge, particularly if you need to be able to report on the percentage of employees who’ve reviewed a new policy in order to comply with regulations.

How can Unily’s new mandatory content feature help?

Unily now enables content managers to create mandatory content within the Content Management System. This can be a specific article or a document that’s been uploaded to the site. Once live, employees will have to review and approve that they’ve read the content before the expiry date. Once the expiry date has passed, intranet functionality will be limited until they do so.

This dramatically helps to improve compliance and the flow of business-critical information. It also helps to save on email traffic, with some organisations still using company-wide email to communicate critical news, for fear of it being overseen on the intranet.

Key functionality:

Reading list - To allow for several items of must-read content, each employee has a personalized Reading List which is accessible from any page on the intranet. Once content becomes overdue in the reading list, an escalation workflow is activated so the list automatically pops up upon login to the intranet, reminding employees of essential content and in some cases, preventing further action until it’s been consumed.

Audience targeting - As with other content across Unily, mandatory content can be targeted to specific audiences depending on who is required to view it, reducing irrelevant information for others. This could be a new health and safety policy for employees working in a manufacturing plant for example.

Expiry date - Each piece of mandatory content has an expiry date, giving employees a deadline for reading and approving. Once content within the reading list is past its expiry date, employees will no longer be able to view any other pages until they’ve confirmed they have read the content.

Integration with SharePoint and Unily documents - Documents stored in SharePoint or Unily Documents can be added to the mandatory reading list, preventing duplication of knowledge and making existing content more visible.

Tracking - To ensure compliance, tracking reports can be viewed and exported from within the Content Management System, highlighting who has competed the action.

Multi-lingual - All mandatory content uses Unily’s multi-lingual capabilities, ensuring content is relevant to globally dispersed organisation, with no need for users to navigate multiple files.

Mobile accessible -  Content can be read and approved via the mobile app too, ensuring employees stay compliant from head office to frontline.

Example use cases

Line manager - Individual teams can assign content reads to their teams e.g. annual personal performance review content, local office health and safety guidelines or changes in local teams like new ways of working.

Regional/departmental wide - Enables teams to share the latest regional HR policies with the dispersed teams and provide business critical department messaging.

Company-wide communications and compliance - Used by senior teams to communicate messaging that needs all company acknowledgement and compliance e.g. new company merger or new compliance training.

How to get started

Existing users of Unily can start using this functionality easily without any changes to existing functionality, with the new read list slotting neatly into the tertiary navigation when enabled. Permission to manage mandatory content can be customized within your portal, with separate repositories for individual teams to ensure privacy.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with us today to arrange a demo or watch our overview video to get a flavour of how Unily supports internal communications and compliance.

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